Weeee - You're One Step Closer to Totally Loving Your Body

Hi lovely,

This is a journey for every woman who wants to feel strong, confident and free.

It's a journey beyond accepting your body.

It's a journey into Body Bliss.

And it's yours, free.

It's a beautiful mix of reading, listening, watching and thinking. I'd love you to email me any time or join me on FaceBook to chat about any step on your own journey.


Your First Step to Body Bliss: Dirty Little Secrets


dirty little secrets 3d-350x339

First up is an ebook outlining something that will infuriate you.

Well, it did me when I first read it. It's about what the diet industry doesn't tell you while it's telling you all the ways you're failing at being a good little dieter.

I call it Dirty Little Secrets. It totally changed how much I believe all the endless talk about dieting!

It will come straight to your inbox - just fill in this form to get all the body-loving freebies on this page:

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Step 2 - Body Image Revolution!


Next you'll have immediate access to an ebook of my powerful Body Image Revolution interview with Alexandra Pope, about the Pill, how it affects you in ways no one talks about (but you'll surely recognise!!), including how it affects your body image, and what you can do instead. I promise, you'll love it (even if you haven't taken the pill for years, it still affects you - Alexandra teaches you lots more!) (This is on Amazon - it's supposed to be free but might show up as 99c)

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Step 3 - Decorate Your Walls


The third part of the course is  an inspirational poster to print that will remind you that you are worth your own love and kindness. It will come to your inbox on day three.

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Step On - More Gifts ....

to help you change the only thing about you that you need to change - that's your mind!


From here on the goodness just keeps coming, a new one each day:

games - yes! you can change and have fun!

audios - listen to while you're on your commute, run, or just chillin'

videos - quick to watch, long to think!

inspiring links - here and all over the interwebs...

- all free and all to support you while you do that most important thing:

Change your mind. Remember who you were before you started comparing and worrying about what other people thought of your body. Rediscover the you who knew she could do and be anything she wanted to be.

The world needs you to be free.

Because we need you. We need you.

We need your strength, your energy, your vision. We need your creativity, your love, your unique way of seeing the world.

We need you to be free of all crappy anti-woman industries that make you feel ugly and worthless, so you can do what you came here to do - to change your part of the world in the way only you can do.

Take the first step today: type your name and best email address in this form, and get pissed about those Dirty Little Secrets.

Then get changing. Remember, well-behaved women
don't make history 😉


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We. Need. You. Free.