Flick off 2014, Come here delicious new year!

So how was 2014 forΒ  you? I know so many people, businesses, families and communities who experienced a load of struggle in 2014. Me included, in fact.

The year started with being really, really sick. I had surgery to fix a CSF leak and it took months before I really felt well again. So I decided to move house and the next day came down with the flu. Yes, H1N1. Worse, I infected my mother who spent five weeks in hospital, then got a DVT and spent more weeks there. She’s still not fully recovered.

So, much of the year was very low energy for me. It was reflected here on BBC – fewer bloggies than the year before, only one new program and a few smaller tweaks that didn’t really change my business, fundamentally.

I decided to get out into the world more so popped back to doing marketing for a job – good and bad (predictable $ good, regular hours good and bad :)).

And all the recovery time for me and mum gave me lots of thinking time, much of which revolved around:

  • What do I really want to do with the rest of my life?
  • Am I actually enjoying this?
  • What do I want more of?
  • What do I want less of?

And really the answers turned out to be simple, and completely shape the way I’ll be running my life in 2015.

My word of the year is Fun. Now, doing the laundry is never fun for me. I get that we understand one state because we also experience the opposite. So we understand joy because we also feel sadness. But my focus this year is much more on fun – things that I’ve never done before, or haven’t done often enough. Experiences that will support my growth and be, you know, fun! And expressions of my life that create a stronger foundation in my life, and that I’ll look back on with joy.

What that really all comes out to is a bit of a shift in how this website works, how I’ll be supporting myself financially and emotionally, and how I’ll be expressing myself.

Because I finally got over myself, specifically in the “I’m not literary enough to write fiction” arena. I’ve always been a writer. English was my best and favourite subject at school and University. I worked as a journalist for a number of years and then morphed into a marketer who always did a load of writing – newsletters, brochures, media releases, in the last 15 years lots of websites, blog posts, even advertisements.

Always, always, I had stories running through my head, of people having different experiences of life than I was having, but I never felt I had what it took to write them down. This year I’ve been studying fiction writing with a supportive group of other writers, some newbies some hugely successful.

So the Holly Matisse story was part of that exploration – it just popped into my head but this time I wrote it down!

The fiction I write is going to be body-positive of course. But there won’t be any more programs here. No more webinars, teleconferences, videos. The programs that suit the format will join earlier non-fiction work on Amazon. The ones that don’t are being retired. Notice I didn’t make any closing sale offers; supporting people through those programs would have kept a lot of focus here. Instead I want to just write here – blog away about the issues I care about, and write the stories in my head.

Part of my planning is of course Leonie Dawson’s divine Workbook and Planner (click to take a look). It is cheap as chips, and this year she had a printed version. Impatient as ever of course, I got the digital version (it’s like $10!). I love love love her ‘finish this year’ process, it’s just beautiful and puts me in the best mood to vision my next 12 months. Until I found Leonie’s workbooks I always intended to do my planning but somehow it didn’t quite happen… Leonie’s process is a delight though. Every page of her workbook is a feast for the eyes and makes dreaming up the fun of 2015 a delight πŸ™‚

Clearly, I’ve been doing that and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all year, as I hope you’ll share yours with me here and on the FaceBook page πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, happy fireworks day – I hope your 2015 brings you more joy, love, happiness, abundance and fun than you can even imagine right now.

Warmest –

Sandy πŸ™‚


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