The Fat Talk Game – a game to help you stop fat talk

Fat Talk, as you probably know, is the habit we women have of talking about diet and food and our flawed bodies anytime we think about food. It begins when we’re teenagers and just never ever stops. This fat talk game can help you change your game!

Apparently it’s a way of levelling the playing field so we all feel bad about ourselves, so no one seems to be arrogant and too-full of themselves.

In other words: we fat talk so other people like us.

I know, it sounds demented when you write it down eh?

the fat talk game

We put ourselves down so others will like us. No one even bats an eyelid about it.

It feels to me that as often as I talk about fat talk (and we have Stop Fat Talk Day and all the rest of it) it’s still everywhere. Perhaps because fat talk is such a habit that we’re hardly aware we do it?

And what better way to break a habit than to get aware. But I’ve said that before too and realised that a tool to help you break the pattern is the way to go!

So here it is: tadah – The Fat Talk Game.

It’s completely free, just type your name and email and it will be in your inbox in just a minute or two.


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The Fat Talk Game is a variation on the old “people bingo” game. Print both pages of the game.  Get yourself some kind of token (M&Ms, anyone? :)), or just a pen. Every time you hear yourself or someone else say one of the phrases on the game board, mark off that square.

When you get a line – up, down or diagonal – you win! Yayyy.

Change Fat Talk to I-Care Talk

How you really win the Fat Talk Game is by turning to page two – here you’ll find some suggestions to change fat talk into fun talk, or I-care-about-you talk, or I-care-about-me talk.

How you talk to yourself really, really matters.

Think about this – you’re the one person who is with you 24/7. You can never get away from yourself. Do you really want to spend all your time with a nasty nagging put-down expert?

You can change the way you speak to yourself chickie – you deserve to have your best friend supporting you all through life.

I promise you, this game will give you a great start!

I’d love if you’d come back here and share how you played the game, how you changed your self-talk, just leave a comment below and I’ll reply.

Tell us what you think - you know you want to ;)