Famous Bodies and What They Think of Themselves

Personally I think it would be really really difficult to live your life as a celebrity and I sure never have and never will aspire to that. Women in particular are picked apart for every little flaw. Men can be really ugly, fat, bony, have had skin, whatever, and they get a bit of a free ride I think.

So anyway, Who Weekly did this Issue featuring Australian celebrities talking about their body image. That’s the same issue where they published the results of their “shocking body survey“. They featured singers Ricki-Lee Coulter and Jade Macrae, actor Kate Ritchie, Foxtel presenter Antonia Kidman, TV presenter Toni Pearen, and models Sarah Murdoch, Megan Gale and Erika Heynatz. I don’t watch much commercial TV or many reality TV shows, and I’m not a fan of celebrity culture, so I only know these women from the occasional magazines I read, and the ones people are giving me, as I mentioned before.

The feature shows a big pic of each woman in undies and a few paragraphs of the woman’s opinion of herself and how she looks after her body. No commentary, which is nice to see in a magazine that later has pages and pages of photos of famous women along with bitchy comments about their hair, clothing, shape, shoes, blah blah blah. Funny how they don’t see the conflict between their approaches. If you lived your life with such conflict you’d be in such pain that you probably couldn’t bear it!

Anyway….. let’s see what the women said. I was relieved really to see that mostly they were mostly pretty happy with their bodies. A sharp contrast to the average woman!!

22 year old Ricki-Lee is a fit and healthy size 14, and says she had lots of body-positive messages when she was growing up (well done mum and dad!) and she refuses to believe enetertainment industry pundits who tell her having a smaller body would give her a bigger career. She does moderate exercise too – an hour 3 times a week, just what doctors recommend is optimal for maintaining your health.

Kate Ritchie is 30 and a soapie star. I confess I don’t know Kate’s work but it must have been hard for her being a teenager on a popular soap. She says she’s not body confident even now but she’s working on not worrying about it all the time. She’s fine that she doesn’t look like Claudia Schiffer. She also says she’s working on being the best version of herself rather than trying to look like someone else. You go girl – sounds healthy-as to me!

Antonia Kidman, Nic’s sister, is 38 and loves that her body’s so strong. She’s had four kids and loves that her body provided her with them. She is really aware of the impact of negative body stuff on her kids and on her niece. They all exercise together as a family to help the kids develop a good relationship with being physical. She exercises for an hour every day.

Toni Pearen is 36. Her mum had anorexia when Toni was a young girl, and is now recovered. Toni feels her relationship with her own body is really healthy because her mum taught her a healthy relationship with food and activity. Toni lived in LA for a few years and her body image took a dive because of pressure to be even thinner. It’s recovered now 🙂 After months on Dancing with the Stars, practicing for 6 hours a day, she’s loving being more toned than she’s ever been.

33 Year old Megan Gale loves her body. She’s spent years taking the best care of it she could with great grooming, exercise and skin care, etc. She also resisted pressure to be thinner!

Sarah Murdoch though, really made me pay attention! She thinks her figure is naturally boyish and probably should exercise more – but she prefers spending time she could be exercising, with her kids. Like many of us, when she was younger she wasn’t very confident and didn’t appreciate the real beauty of her younger body. Now she doesn’t worry about it much, eats whatever she wants and clearly it’s working for her!

Jade Macrae has a love-hate relationship with her body, “like everyone”. She exercises to help her push through low self-esteem. She likes her legs but would prefer bigger breasts – the though of surgery makes her squeamish.

Erika Heynatz eats very low fat and lots of vegetables. She’s in favour of regulating digitally-modifying images in magazines.

So that’s the summary.

What I got from that was – accept yourself the way you are, appreciate what you body actually does for you, listen to your body, get some moderate exercise, eat good variety, and don’t worry about it.

Just what grandma used to say!

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