Make your own blend of essential oil for cold and flu

We’re in the middle of one of the worst outbreaks of flu since records have been kept, here in Australia, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure it keeps bypassing me! For me, that means to make up an essential oil for cold and flu and support my immune system in every way I can:

  • Every day I take a great echinacea, zinc, garlic and vitamin C blend, made by Cenovis and available nearly everywhere, even the big supermarkets. I take two a day.
  • I have a tablespoon of liquid olive leaf extract – look for a good brand at the same retailers.
  • I also eat well-cooked foods in winter – eastern medicine holds that well-cooked foods are easier to digest, and so leave more energy for the immune system.
  • I drink kombucha every day. (Which reminds me I just bought another kefir scoby – my milk kefir did not do well in our hot humid summer. I’m going to have a go at water kefir this time.) Kombu is a probiotic drink. New research is emerging every day that supports that eastern medicine view that fermented foods support the immune system; one recent study even said that the immune system is linked to brain health. (This stuff fascinates me, in case you can’t tell :))
  • I diffuse essential oils that have antibacterial and anti viral properties, at home and at work.

So far, so good 🙂

I just want to add though that no supplement will do the job alone.

A healthy immune system is about balance. If you live on over-processed sugary foods, drink too much and smoke, your body’s balance isn’t great, and your immune system will be more vulnerable. I’ve been through patches where the best I could do was junk food and icecream; I survived. I’m in a period of more balance right now and I’m so grateful for that.

Now onto something really useful:

Recipe for a blend of essential oil for cold and flu

essential oil for cold and flu

One of my oil diffusers and my box of lovely essential oils that I’ve collected over the last 20 years. Yes I do use them, all 🙂

I’ve been a big fan of essential oils for most of my adult life. The idea that something that smells good can be good for me too is so appealing and also has some scientific merit.

In flu season I diffuse this essential oil for cold and flu blend at home and at work. I drip each oil directly into an oil bottle, give it a good shake and cap it.

To diffuse, I use 6 drops in my diffuser and let it run as long as it runs. I have electric diffusers, one with a timer, one without. Both turn off automatically.

clove bud oil – 80 drops
lemon oil – 70 drops
cinnamon oil – 40 drops
eucalyptus oil – 30 drops
rosemary oil – 20 drops
lavender oil – 20 drops – or if you have it, and prefer it, frankincense oil. It’s one of those stratospherically pricey oils, but you’ll only ever use a few drops at a time so it will last! (Yes you can get a cheaper one, I always worry about the quality though.)

This quantity will nearly fill a 15ml (1/2oz) oil dripper bottle.


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