Empower Yourself in Life Through Mindful Meditation

meditation time

I’m starting a short series on meditation because I know it’s something we all know we should do, and it’s often something we really struggle to find time and energy to actually do!

I even have an app on my phone that I can set for any length of time and it chimes nicely to keep reminding me to stay mindful, keep focussing on my breathing but honestly some days it’s all I can do to stay still for more than a few minutes. My head is so busy with stuff going on that some days it’s just impossible!


So what is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation means that the user is present or aware of the moment he or she is currently in. The reason that it’s important to practice this form of meditation is because of how it can help your life.

It’s not meant to cause you to make any huge changes or to turn your life upside down.

The purpose of this kind of meditation is to help you to see your life as it is in every moment.

So often, we tend to be looking in the rearview mirror or worrying about what might happen in the future.

If you use this form of meditation you will learn to not shrink away from whatever is happening in your life. What mindful meditation does is teach you to like and accept yourself and your life as it is.

It shows you that you can have peace in that moment instead of looking toward what you’d like yourself or your circumstances to be.

Both good and bad things will happen in every single life in every single corner of the world.There’s no escaping circumstances, that’s just, you know – life 🙂

Of course, we all like the good. We crave it, we embrace it when it happens and we actively seek all of the good that we can find for our lives.

But when the bad things happen, that’s another story. We don’t want it and we want to get as far away as possible, even to the point that we want to run away from ourselves.

What mindful meditation does is to hand us a chance to understand our life in what’s going on right now rather than in what we hoped that it would be.

Doing this gives us a clarity we wouldn’t normally have.

zen Or, it’s what some people call an ‘inner wisdom’

By fighting against – or resisting – things in life we’d rather avoid, we’re robbing ourselves of peace and we can even make the things we’re trying to avoid even worse!

That’s because we don’t want to accept what is.

So we waste mental and physical energy, draining ourselves to the point of exhaustion to escape what just is.

With mindful meditation, you can learn to experience your life as simply part of Life. This practice is what helped me to accept and keep living after my huband’s sudden death and the messy painful stuff around that time. It’s a way of just accepting and living well anyway.

This kind of meditation allows you to be completely present, there in your life whether the moments are fun or otherwise. It opens you up to Life the point that you’ll feel like you can manage, after all 🙂

Acceptance is the first big key to that knowing.

You’ll find that you’ll gain a sense of peace and power in all the important areas of your life.

You’ll be able to find enrichment in your relationships.

You’ll be able to find better health and feel like you can change your financial situation.

Once you have acceptance and clarity, you’ll learn to see that really there is no good or bad.

There simply is what is – and you can thrive with what you have.

And all by just sitting still, breathing, and being in your life in that moment.

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