The Easy Way to Quit Sugar – Video 5


Welcome to the Easy Way to Quit Sugar series.

This is video 5.

If you haven’t seen the first four videos in the series, I highly recommend you take five minutes to watch them first – each video builds on the information in the previous one. Links below the video.

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This is the text of the video – the video contains visuals that will aid understanding.

Video Five How I Quit Sugar the Easy Way

Welcome, I’m Sandy Ross and this is the final video in my series about the easy way to quit sugar.

If you haven’t seen the first four videos I urge you to watch them first – the information in each video builds on the previous one and is important to helping you to understand that quitting sugar is about much more than calories, and that quitting sugar does NOT mean quitting sweet!

So far we’ve talked about how we’ve all become so addicted to sugar, how much sugar we eat and where it hides, how sugar messes with your mind and your body, and how differently your body digests and stores the different kinds of sugars.

Today we’ll cover how I quit sugar, and how you can quit too!

It’s my hope that by the end of today’s video you’ll be able to see that it’s possible to completely change your relationship with sugar so that you can eat sweet foods when you want to eat them, and be able to stop when you want to; you’ll be able to see that it’s completely possible and in fact very easy to have sugar in your life as an occasional treat food, not a food that controls you!

You won’t have to give up chocolate or icecream, you won’t have to learn to cook differently, and you won’t be switching to artificial sweeteners. I know it seems crazy but it’s true 🙂

There’s one more piece of the puzzle that you need to know, and that’s about how stress makes you want to eat sugar. Yes, feeling stressed makes you want to eat sugar.

How Stress Makes Your Body Crave Sugar

When I learned about this in a book called The Potbelly Syndrome, about potbellies in men, was one that gave me such peace around my relationship with sugar, maybe it will for you too. I was amazed that no-one else seemed to talk about it! This is what they spelled out:

When you feel stressed, you’re in what’s called the ‘fight or flight’ response. That means your body is preparing itself for a fight or sprint for survival. The third leg of this is the ‘freeze’ response. So you’re getting ready to fight off the sabre-tooth tiger, run like hell to get away from it, or freezing in place and hoping it won’t notice you.

So when you feel that you’re under threat in any way, the body takes action fast! Stress hormones flood your body – cortisol, adrenaline and norephenephrine.

Adrenaline is what makes you immediately feel jumpy – it gives you a surge of energy, makes your heart beat faster, your lungs breathe faster, your muscles tense up – ready to attack or defend. Adrenaline is made by your pancreas.

Norepenephrine shifts blood away from areas like the skin, and to your muscles. It’s kind of a backup system to adrenaline, some comes from your pancreas and some from your brain.

Cortisol comes along in a few minutes – it regulates your fluid balance and blood pressure while you’re fighting or running or freezing, keeps your digestive system activated, and generally keeps your body going while much of your oxygen and glucose is being pulled into your muscles and your heart to keep you alive in the dangerous situation.

You probably already know that. It’s a normal natural healthy response to a threat.

What you may NOT know is that glucose is also part of the picture. Your body needs massive amounts of glucose to fight or defend itself – all that increased activity has to be fuelled by something!

Your blood glucose levels drop quickly, your body digs into its stores of glycogen in the liver then into the energy stored in your fat cells.

And you know from video four that when the level of glucose in your blood drops, your stomach gets the signal to eat again. So if all the glucose is your blood is rushing to your heart, your lungs and your muscles, when the threat passes your body urgently wants you to eat! Yes it probably can keep going on stored energy but remember the human body is the essence of frugality – it likes to save energy for later, and if there’s food around your body wants it.


And something sweet gives you a quick hit of glucose!

In the 21st century though, we’re not facing down sabre-toothed tigers. We’re facing down a car suddenly changing lanes in front of us, our boss demanding more than is reasonable, a customer exploding in our faces, demands from family, friends, life!

It takes about six hours after a crisis has passed for stress hormones to be reabsorbed out of the blood stream and for you to feel calm and settled again.

So our reality these days is that most people are running way too many stress hormones most of the time!

It’s Not Your Fault!

Is it any wonder then that when your boss is out of your face, or your kids are in bed and you finally have five minutes to yourself, that you reach for a sugary snack?

I bet you’ve been thinking all this time that you’re weak-willed because you want to eat, that you’re an ‘emotional eater’.

It’s my thought that you’re actually just doing what your body is driving you to do – get some glucose into your blood!

The reason I think it’s SO important that you understand this stress response is so you can recognise when it happens, you can take a moment to say, “Oh my body needs glucose. What can I eat that won’t flood my blood with fructose and also give me some actual nutrients?”

You can make a much more reasoned choice other than reaching for a bar of chocolate or a Tim Tam or an Oreo, and a sugar crash and a sleepy afternoon.

Your body’s screaming for glucose – it will get the glucose from a handful of nuts or a glass of milk. It might be a little slower than the fructose rush, but it will settle in a few minutes and stick to your ribs, as my granny used to say.

When I figured out that’s what was happening to me, the relief I felt was amazing.

I can still feel that wave of relief washing over me – it’s the moment I was able to let go of that awful critical voice that was always trashing me whenever I ate something sweet during a stressful day.

That’s why I share this particular piece of information – because that alone really changed my life! I hope it brings you some peace as well!

While that realisation helped me ease up on myself, it didn’t make me give up sugar, because what I was still left with was the all the rituals of when I ate sugar.

The Rituals of Quitting

These rituals are what make any addiction incredibly difficult to break; that’s why people do well in rehab – they’re out of their normal environment where all the triggers are present – but when they’re back home, the triggers are still there!

My triggers were:

  • After the kids were in bed and my husband was ‘working’ in his study but he was really drinking, every night, and I was alone again – my stress hormones were running rampant!
  • After a hard meeting at work where my workload was piled higher
  • After filling my car with fuel – the array of chocolate bars at the fuel counter was just too hard to resist
  • Mid-afternoon at work when my list was no shorter and deadlines were approaching

Those were my biggest sugar-trigger times. I used EFT tapping to ease and then break each cycle.

Onto the second big factor in quitting sugar.

Most people follow the advice that you should go cold turkey for 30 days – zero sugar – and then bring back goodies made with less processed sugars, dried fruits, or use straight glucose to sweeten your foods, or stevia – and those are all great strategies – or even artificial sweeteners which is less great I think.

My approach is completely different to all of that – it’s to completely change your experience of sugar using EFT tapping.

Yes, you can actually just not WANT to eat sugar. It’s possible to completely remove the craving in the moment using EFT tapping – that works incredibly well.

When the craving is gone, you can look at your favourite chocolate and be indifferent to it!

What’s I’ve found though is that while it’s possible to remove the craving now, and that lasts for about a month, unless you also remove the triggers, you will go back to eating sugar.

For me, that means I use glucose powder (dextrose) in most of my cooking or when I have a sweetened drink.

I can look at my favourite chocolate treats and more often than not say – hmmm no I really don’t want any.

Chocolate doesn’t control me anymore, and I don’t have to white-knuckle my way to ‘no’.

If I do choose to eat chocolate mostly I find it so sweet that it kind of burns, and isn’t all that pleasant. Usually I choose chocolate with nuts because it seems less sweet and I can actually enjoy it.

Mostly I find that cakes and biscuits are just too sweet – I’ll usually only eat part of them.

Veges, fruits and milk taste very sweet to me now, and seem to satisfy my body’s need for sweet.

And none of this is about deprivation!

It’s truly about:

  1. Understanding what fructose does in your body
  2. using EFT to balance the body so that sugar cravings just don’t bother you, which also makes most sugary foods taste toooo sweet to enjoy anymore and
  3. taking apart the triggers that usually send you looking for a sugar hit to calm yourself after feeling stressed.

Those are the three steps in The Easy Way to Quit Sugar program.

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This video series has been Step One. If you’ve watched all five videos you’ve already taken the first step in completing the program!

You have an idea how your body deals with sugar, and that sugar and sweet aren’t the same thing at all.

Remember I promised you that you wouldn’t have to quit sweet?

Well wouldn’t you love to also have the possibility of choosing when and if you eat sugar?

I promise you this is completely possible.

Don’t just take my word for it:

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“It’s amazing! I still have my chocolate at night but now  a block of chocolate lasts me for at least a week. And I’m not snarly with the kids when they want some too!”

Nicole, Marketing Professional[/content_box][/content_boxes]

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[content_box title=”” icon=”heart” image=”” image_width=”35″ image_height=”35″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]My sessions with Sandy really have allowed me to be much more of the person I want to be. Even though I was aware of some of these areas in my life that weren’t working, I did not know how to fix it. Having a professional like Sandy guide me through it and didn’t just talk about the problem but offered EFT to clear it, has allowed me to become comfortable confident with myself, and more respectful and truer to myself.

~Deanna, Naturopath[/content_box][/content_boxes]

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[content_box title=”” icon=”heart” image=”” image_width=”35″ image_height=”35″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]Sandra’s expertise and gentle nature makes it easy to open up and feel vulnerable. I felt completely safe to share my experiences and challenges and always left feeling enlightened and strong in my composure to go forth with a new understanding and faith.

~Miriam, Brisbane[/content_box][/content_boxes]

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[content_box title=”” icon=”heart” image=”” image_width=”35″ image_height=”35″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]What a delightful experience. I have spent many hours and dollars exploring holistic seminars and classes with limited benefits but this brilliant technique has helped beyond all expectations and probably best all for me without too much pain. EFT opened my soul and heart. Sandy is a very skilled and personable, exciting lady with whom I feel totally comfortable.

~Jennifer, Brisbane[/content_box][/content_boxes]

Here’s What You Get

The Members-Only site contains:[checklist icon=”ok” iconcolor=”a085fc” circle=”no”]

  • More than twenty videos to walk you through powerful EFT tapping processes to help you :
    • Eliminate sugar cravings
    • Eliminate common stress triggers that normally send you diving for sugary foods
    • Identify and take apart your own triggers
  • Vital and powerful forgiveness processes so you can finally let go of judging yourself
  • Worksheets to help you track your journey to quitting sugar

[/checklist]You can do the course as often as you want to, join in the discussions and be part of the Easy Way community.

Plus you’ll get:[checklist icon=”ok” iconcolor=”a085fc” circle=”no”]

  • The benefit of my ten+ years of working with women from all over the world on dealing with cravings of all kinds!
  • My EFT Secret Kickstart – a powerful morning routine that will give you the biggest boost possible to begin every day. Only my private clients get this, it’s not available anywhere else! Value – priceless!
  • A collection of my favourite no-sugar sweet treat recipes that I reach for when I want a treat – they’re quick, easy, and include lots of chocolate! Value $27[/checklist]

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After you sign up you’ll receive an email that will tell you how to get into the private members’ area where you’ll:

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  • access to all the bonuses
  • access all 21 videos helping you eliminate the most common sugardive triggers!
  • be able to work through them at your own pace
  • be able to watch any or all of them as often as you want to and
  • have access to both for as long as you want![/checklist]

 The price for this course is $67.


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I’m so passionate about helping you deal with this sugar issue, with helping you get cravings and struggling with willpower out of your life, and I think I’ve shown you that I know my stuff.

If you want to transform once and for all:[checklist icon=”ok” iconcolor=”a085fc” circle=”no”]

  • sugar’s control over your emotions, your body, and your life, and
  • all without feeling deprived in any way or
  • feel like you’re missing out on food you love, ever again!
    then this is the course for you to invest in yourself.

This is the time to do it.

I promise you it works.

The process has completely transformed my relationship with sugar, it’s transformed my clients’ relationship with sugar, and I’m really confident it will give you a whole new relationship with sugar too.

Click the Buy Now button below and it will my pleasure to help you get to the freedom of quitting sugar the easy way!


Note: this will open a new window at the Body Bliss Circle

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