DIY essential oil serum for the over 50s

diy essential oil serum for over 50s

Occasionally I notice that my skin isn’t the dewy perfection it once was. Not that I noticed it was dewy perfection in my extreme youth 🙂 And I don’t lament at all that I’m a mature woman – I’m stronger and happier now in my 50s than I ever was in my 20, 30s or 40s. And I wanted to make my own essential oil serum for my mature skin.

What I don’t really like is that my skin often feels dry, even though I drink enough water and eat good fats. Okay probably not enough good fats as I used to since I cheerfully waved goodbye to my suddenly-extremely-painful gallbladder in 2016. Now if I have too many fats, the side effects are kind of unpleasant, no need to go into them here, right? 🙂

I’ve been using some lovely rosehip oil serum, various brands, which are enriched with essential oils. I was recently mixing some essential oils for an anti-flu blend to diffuse at home and at work, and it occurred to me that the rosehip serum probably only contains a very few drops of actual oils. Flash: I’m mostly paying a bucketload of $ for mostly rosehip oil.

Yes, it is obvious. Blinding flash of. LOL.

My oil diffuser and box of motley oils

My oil diffuser and box of motley oils

Anyway, now woke, I flipped over my trusty copy of Valerie Anne Worwood’s Fragrant Pharmacy, and voila – a beautiful serum recipe. Or, as it was known when Val wrote the book back in the early 1990s, an essential oil blend for the over 50s. I love this book, it’s been my constant, trusted, reference since I first found essential oils back in the early 1990s. But being me, I went looking for the answer to my original question: how much essential oil is actually in the pricey serum I was buying? I didn’t find that answer, but I did find other recipes, some of which included vitamin e oil. So I decided to add that.

I’ll say one thing for Val, she’s a genuine trained aromatherapist with a life time of experience, unlike me who is a only dedicated hobbyist with half a lifetime of love. As a genuine aromatherapist Val uses the most expensive oils, that I can only aspire to own!

For instance, she uses violet leaf oil. It takes 2500 kilos of violet leaves to make 1litre of oil. No surprise then that a tiny 2ml bottle costs around $40. Yes there’s cheaper stuff, it’s possibly worth a try. Val wouldn’t, I’m sure 🙂 She also uses galbanum and rose – both also in the same stratosphere of cost as violet leaf.

I have 3% rose (it’s diluted in jojoba and still cost $25) so I used that. I also splashed out on violet leaf oil and galbanum oil, which should arrive this week. I couldn’t wait to try the serum though, so I made it without those two and will add it afterwards. Meanwhile, here’s my modified recipe.

Essential oil serum for over 50s

Violet leaf – 5 drops (didn’t have so didn’t use)

Galbanum – 5 drops (didn’t have so didn’t use)

Rose – 5 drops (only had 3% so used 10 drops)

Neroli – 10 drops

Lavender – 3 drops

Myrrh – 2 drops (another stratospheric cost one)

Carrot – 10 drops

Bois de rose – 10 drops (otherwise known as rosewood)

Evening primrose – 10 drops (I pierced a capsule and counted ten drops out of that)

Borage seed – 10 drops (didn’t have so didn’t use).

I added a capsule of vitamin E oil.

Val says to mix into 30ml of hazelnut or apricot kernel oil. I prefer jojoba, I find it less oily on my skin but just as moisturising so I used that instead. I want to try olive squalane – will post about it when I do.

Result – it’s beautiful. It smells amazing and I feel amazing. I’ve mostly used oils for emotional and physical health so can’t help noticing those effects.

After just two days I feel like my skin is smoother and softer. I use the serum morning and night, and a couple of minutes later I add a moisturiser – currently a rose hip one in the same range as the serum I was using. I will try one of Val’s moisturiser recipes after this runs out.

If you try it, let me know what your skin thinks of it 🙂


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