More Negative Body Image Distortion

is this fitness or negative body image

As I was looking for an image to illustrate a negative body image post at my favourite, I was struck by the images I was seeing. I was searching for ‘eating disorder’ and there were a fair number of pics of women with fingers down their throat, vomiting over toilets – maybe a dozen or so.

This is due to a distorted body image, or more accurately a negative body image. There was a whole bunch of illustrations of skeletons doing all kinds of things including wrapping themselves in tape measures, with empty plates, and so on.

None of those images were right, so I searched for ‘anorexia’.

And this was astonishing.

The search returned 158 pages of images, at 24 images to a page – nearly 4000 images with the keyword anorexia.

In amongst them were scattered some of the eating disorder pics I’d found before, but most of the images were of women that you’d see on the pages of any magazine, in any advertisement. I moused-over some of the images to see the descriptions and keywords. For example:

  • “sexy young woman wading in pool”
  • “perfect female butt in white panties”
  • “Beautiful sexy young woman in lingerie”
  • “Beautiful fit young woman measuring her sexy body”

How bad a distorted negative body image can get? These photo and their scary descriptions are some kind of twisted proof.

See, these weren’t unusual descriptions and perhaps reflected the fact that the photographers may have been male.

But they ALL came up on the keyword search ‘anorexia’.

158 pages of them. I’ve believed for a while that Paul Campos is right, we’re a culture in love with anorexia, we’ve come to think it’s ‘normal’.

As I say about many things, it might be usual, but it surely isn’t normal.

Starving to be thinner than your body’s made to be makes women weak, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thinner-than-your-body-needs does not equal sexy: it equals weak.

How is that liberated?

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