Diets Don’t Work

diets-dont-work You already know diets don’t work. If they did work we’d all be Official-Body-thin already wouldn’t we? 🙂

It’s a great time to talk about this because diet-product-pushers see the change of year or of season as yet another advertising opportunity to push the dream of the ‘perfect’ body onto your wallet.

I know if you’ve never been to my site before you might not know that I support the HAES (R) philosophy of health ahead of weight or size, and you might think that the ‘perfect body’ is a legitimate and even worthy way to spend your time, money and life energy.

And you know, it’s your body – go for it.

But from my point of view, gained from watching the world around me and thinking about what I see, if diets worked we’d only have to do one, and then we’d be done forever.

We wouldn’t have to eat food-like-substances, substitute meals or count anything for more than a few months before it would be done and dusted. There wouldn’t be thousands of diet books, weight loss supplements, needle-happy cosmetic surgeons or calorie/carb/protein/fat/sugar-modified foods everywhere.

We wouldn’t be suffering from epidemics of depression, low self-worth, eating disorders or rebound weight gain which leads to diet-cycling, low self-worth, depression, rebound weight gain…. (you get the picture) and makes us weaker and less healthy with every cycle.

Truth: weight loss is big business and if they delivered the promises they say they can, the businesses would fail because they’d soon run out of customers.

Really, think about that and take it on board.

And if you think I’m really just in denial or somehow lack the willpower to belly up to another diet like a ‘good’ woman should, maybe a neuroscientist will help you see a different perspective.(And if you completely agree with me, you’ll be fascinated to hear her explain why it’s all so accurate!)

Meet Dr Sandra Aamodt.She is a neuroscientist who has spent years figuring out why diets don’t work.

And also what does work.

Watch on – and pay particular attention around minute 10 to see what really does matter when it comes to talking about your health and wellbeing, and what she’s done to deal with the “need” to control weight!

So If Diets Don’t Work – What The Hell Do You DO To Feel Better?

I get it – it’s tough 🙁 It took me DECADES to stop disrespecting myself, my body, my life, and get health in spirit, mind and body.

It isn’t easy. It IS worth it. You DO deserve it!

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