Dieting Rats Get Breast Cancer

So, dieting rats to make them reduce body mass increases mammary tissue levels of the chemical 5-Hydroymethul-2’-deoxyuridin e, which is a marker for DNA damage in cells.

So what?

Apparently high levels of this chemical in human blood and mammary tissue are associated with increased risk of various cancers, including breast cancer. The chemical was higher, according to a 2001 Wayne State University (Detroit) study, in women whose breast biopsies indicated either precancerous tissue or invasive cancer, compared to women whose biopsies were benign.

The researchers summed up their findings by saying that “the mammary gland is adversely affected by chronic weight cycling…….. cyclic dieting attempts at weight loss should not be viewed as benign behaviour in women and may be an important risk factor in cancer”.

For the last several decades stats have told us that at least half of all women have either been actively trying to lose weight or wanting to lose weight, at any moment in time.

During the last several decades the incidence of breast cancer in women has jumped by around 40% (nearly 200,000 new cases each year in the US alone) – more cancers than any other part of the body; and the leading cause of cancer deaths in women aged 40 – 59.

Dieting is most prevalent in women aged 40 – 59.

Now a link doesn’t make a cause – but it does make you wonder eh?

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