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lucky-bitch Denise Duffield Thomas’s book Lucky Bitch describes her round-the-world trip marrying her husband over and over in exotic locations – and all free. She shares how she manifested the whole trip and her intimate knowledge of the Law of Attraction. Please enjoy this Leading Lady’s Leading Questions, developed by this blog’s readers. Thanks Denise for your wonderful sharing 🙂  ~Sandy


What are you most proud of in your life?

I’m really proud of my marriage – a lot of the women in my family had really bad luck with men and I made an early conscious decision to find someone who would support me 100% and be a really stable influence. Mark is a big reason why I can build a successful business because he is such a backbone for my life. Marriage takes work so I’m proud of our commitment to each other.

What’s the most outrageously huge thing you still want to do?

So many things! I would love to write a book that becomes a popular movie. I won a travel competition a few years ago where Mark and I travelled for six months all expenses paid while blogging for a honeymoon company. During the trip we renewed our vows 87 times. It sounds like fun but some days it was a nightmare – it would be a hilarious movie, maybe starring someone like Kate Hudson or Drew Barrymore.

Do you ever feel that you have or have not gotten a job based in your appearance?

Yes – I was a dancer growing up and up until my early twenties, I worked for a children’s entertainment company. We were expected to fit a certain mould – be well groomed, wear particular shades of lipstick and present a very idealised image for shows and appearances. I felt like I always on the chubbier side and had bad self-talk, even though looking back, I was gorgeous! I once auditioned for Disney in a cattle call audition. We lined up, were inspected for several minutes and dismissed. Getting a job based purely on appearance can be tough to handle, especially when you’re young.

How have your feelings about your body affected what you do in life?

My weight has gone up and down, and it used to affect my confidence a lot. Actually, I’m at a higher weight at the moment but am also much happier, content and confident that I’ve been in years. I’m paying more attention to my health at the moment because I can be an introvert, and if I’m not feeling good in my body, it can make me want to hide away even more from the world.

At the same time, I’ve really made sure that I’m not photoshopping my images or just showing flattering angles, I want women to see the real me – even if I’m not at a “perfect weight”.

Can you really love yourself if you are not thin? How to you go about doing that?

Yes! You should be able to love yourself at any size – weight isn’t a guarantee of happiness. A few years ago, I was thinner but my life was inferior in every way. Now I’d like to get back to a balance of self-acceptance where I allow myself to be successful, happy AND feel comfortable in my body.

How do you manage to have balance in your life – take care of yourself, your family, your home, work, friends?

I say no to things that don’t feel good. It sometimes means pissing off or disappointing people and that can feel bad. I constantly do EFT (emotional freedom technique) and tell myself multiple times I day, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

What’s the thing you say most often to yourself about yourself?

I’m so lucky!

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