A New Look at Crystals

As I write, I’m in the midst of what is without a doubt the most difficult and painful part of my life ever. I am blessed to have the support of wonderful friends and family, and also some amazing therapies.

These are of course EFT, The Releasing Technique, acupuncture, flower essences, and some amazing new emotional-support products imprinted with vibrational frequencies and containing a quartz crystal.

I’ve been amazed at how immediately I feel the impact of the cream and have told a few people about it. They’ve been interested in how the frequencies are imprinted, and also in why the crystal is in the cream.

The maker of the cream, integrative GP Dr Dzung Price, has loads of detail on this on her site, eternitycrystalbeauty.com, but I have wanted to find out more about the crystals.

Exploring the Properties of Crystals

I’ve never really done much with crystals other than wear a few that I really like and that feel good. I have a few crystal carvings or geodes around my clinic room and desk because I like them, they feel good. And they’re so pretty! People who’ve studied the field and are much more experienced than I am say that each crystal has a unique metaphysical property that can be used to support the body.

What is most interesting to me is how much crystals have been used to power the information age. You are probably wearing a crystal on your wrist, in the form of quartz (the most abundant cystal form on the planet). The computer you’re sitting at to read this post has a hard-drive coated in a crystal substance. Your monitor is likely an LCD – liquid crystal display – and your television contains crystals as well.

Crystals are Not Just For WooWoos

All these technologies were invented by an incredible scientist called Marcel Vogel. He was the head of research for IBM in Silicon Valley for 27years, during which time he patented over 200 discoveries, many of them using crystals, and including all the ones I mentioned in the paragraph above. Without a doubt he’s one of the great minds of the 20th century – his work at IBM gave us the personal computer and has significantly changed the world. vogel

He also pioneered the study of how plants communicate with one another, and how human thoughts impact on that growth. For example plants grow better when you sing or play harmonious music.

Vogel experimented with playing music to crystals and then placing those crystals amongst plants – the plants responded by growing better! Plants also reacted to Vogler thinking about burning, cutting, or ripping them, more so than to the actual act!

He concluded that the plants’ crystalline structure was responding to this thought field.

Energy and Thought

He said: “I learned there is energy connected with thought. Thought can be pulsed and the energy connected with it becomes coherent and has a laser-like power”. Or what later came to be recognised as the observer affecting the outcome.

The most powerful resonance, Vogel said, came from love. This of course earned him ridicule from the scientific community at the time; and wasn’t of great interest to his employer, IBM :).

Vogel likened the resonance of love to a force similar to gravity, an attracting and cohering force in every level of existence.

MarcelVogel The Vogel Cut Crystal

In 1974 Vogel started cutting natural quartz crystals.

Raw crystals could, he believed, store, amplify and transfer information, but couldn’t cohere the thought energies from the mind and body of an individual.

Rubies were already being faceted to focus light to produce laser light, so he experimented with faceting quartz to help focus thought forms.

One of his most intriguing experiments involved programming intent into a faceted crystal and then transferring that intent to water.

After many different facets, he found that the correct facets on a crystal inserted into water changes the pH value of the water that swirls around it.

Why should we care about that?

We live on a water planet, and we humans are mostly water.

If a Vogel-cut crystal can change the value of free flowing water, it’s not too great a leap to say it can change the pH value of the body.

The cut is based on the 51 degrees 51 minutes 51 seconds principles found throughout nature, as well as in forms like the pyramid.

The Vogel cut crystals are used by healers all over the world.

He conducted literally hundreds of experiments with crystals but did not explore many in-depth. Most of his discoveries are owned by IBM, so who knows where they’ll lead, if anywhere.

Vogel Crystals – focus thought and intent

But the Vogel cut is a powerful focuser of thought and intent.

Vogel passed in 1991 but his surviving assistants and friends still cut crystals, just a few each year, using precision lasers. There are Vogel-like crystals available as well, called The Kabbalah Cut, mostly coming out of China and Brazil.

So the cream I’ve been using has a quartz crystal in it, not a Vogel cut I’m sure otherwise it would be unaffordable :), but the crystal is charged with the same frequency as that of the cream, and extends the vibrational life of the cream to about 2 years or more.

I’ve used this cream at couple of times a day so it won’t be lasting me two years 🙂 but it’s interesting to know that its effect will still be as powerful in two years time as it is now.

If you have a Vogel cut crystal, I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with it.

Tell us what you think - you know you want to ;)