YOU Control Your Body Image

It’s not the media’s 24/7 parade of fantasy flesh, it’s not your mother’s opinion of her body when you were growing up, it’s not the weight loss industry nor the personal training industry, nor the endless boring updates of how disciplined-others are bragging about their chia goji wheatgrass smoothies on Instagram. It’s you that controls your body image.

It’s you. Only you.

YOU live inside your head 24/7. YOU feel your body 24/7. YOU respond to your body’s needs and desires 24/7.

YOU have the choice to control you.

If you’re currently stuck in your own version of hate-your-body hell, know that I get it – what you believe right now about your body and your self is the end result of everything all those people and industries have told you about how your body SHOULD be. Know that I’m sending you two things – much love and the deepest confidence that you CAN and WILL turn it around.

I did it. Many hundreds of women I personally know have done it. YOU CAN do it.

Here’s how I know for sure:

You’re a woman. You are blessed to live in a democratic country where you have something approaching legal equality with the rest of society.

You were most likely BORN with that legal equality. How lucky for you and me! Our foremothers first asked, then asked again, then marched, then DEMANDED the legal right vote for our government by literally chaining themselves to the rails of the houses of government around the world and TELLING the men in their lives that this was how it was GOING to be! No one GAVE women the vote, we DEMANDED it and TOOK it.

Kicking this endless body bitching mess to the kerb is one of our generation’s biggest challenges. Here’s the big difference though – you don’t have to wait until the social demand for the photoshopping to be disclosed, the unhealthy programs to be exposed or the conversation to actually change before you change your own mind.

You can do it any time you like.

Here’s how:

Go on a media diet

Give yourself a body image shield

Read some great books that take apart the lies about weight and health that everyone “knows” are “true”

Give yourself a regular boost of support to remember that you have the right to choose!

And always, always, choose YOU!

Because I know YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Much love on your journey,

sandy-ross sandy-sig

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