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You’re a woman on a mission – a mission to eliminate negative body image and start looking after yourself as least as well as you look after everyone else!

Thing is, it can seem like the whole world is working hard to keep you trapped, feeling like you’re not good enough unless you buy their [stuff], or weigh a certain weight, or wear a certain size.

Every magazine you read, every time you turn on the TV you get the same message. Heck, you’re not even safe going shopping because thin bodies wearing nearly nothing, with perfect skin and muscle tone, are everywhere you look.

I’m Sandy Ross, a holistic counsellor and body image coach, and I know how you feel. I’m over it, and I bet you are too. We need three things to be able to change successfully:

  • different information
  • to take action
  • support to keep us on track

And that’s what this site is about:

  • loads of great new information to help you rethink what the diet industry has taught us.
  • tips and techniques to help you take action
  • support when you need it!

There are loads of free resources on this site, plus some paid programs, ebooks and live teleclasses to help you get strong and clear.

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