There’s a LOT of Junk Out There!

I’m busy moving into a new office space in the extension that’s just been completed on my house.

Part of the move is an opportunity to sort through the hundreds of books I own, on all kinds of subjects. Broadly speaking they’re in the categories of personal development, business development, health and wellbeing, and more esoteric stuff like epigenetics and feng shui. (The light reading, like Terry Pratchett, doesn’t live in my office).

This office has more drawer space and less book space, so I’m sorting the books into ones that will come into the office with me, ones that will stay on the current shelves, and why not, some that I’ll toss out.

I’ve been really surprised to notice what I’m tossing out, and a bit irritated with myself that I’ve been giving shelf space to what is essentially a lot of junk! (that’s the first toss-out pile in the pic at the top of this post.)

I say junk because when I look at the books and remember what’s in them, very many of them, even ‘big name’ authors, waffle on endlessly about all aspects of their topic, identifying the problems and then offering as the solution that you should just change your thinking.

I remember also being disappointed with more than a few of the books that are now in the ‘give to lifeline’ pile, because you know, if I’d been able to think my way out of the issues I was dealing with at the time, I’d not have needed to read their wretched book!

I guess that’s why I love EFT so much, it’s such a simple powerful clear way to sort out the junky old stuff that plagues you… it is about taking action and not just thinking about it, and it works fast.

I also know that EFT has changed my life, and helps my clients finally resolve issues that they’ve worked on for years, sometimes in a matter of a few minutes (a few hours is more usual for big heavy stuff).

If you’ve not read much about EFT, or you’ve only tried it on one or two things, Gary Craig (the developer of EFT) encourages you to ‘try it on everything’. It’s such a simple powerful process, you can read more in my free 11 page tapping introduction book, Take Two – go get it now. We’re all better off with less junk!


  1. Kama Frankling on April 13, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Thanks Sandy, I will be reading your free e-book now as I am curious. Amazing how much junk we keep isn’t it, physically and emotionally!

    • Sandy on April 13, 2011 at 6:31 am

      @Kama Frankling, I think the emotional junk makes us keep physical junk – heh. Tapping helps with that too 🙂

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