Women’s Bodies

Your Vagina Has a New Best Friend

Who Do You Dress For?

Are You Thirsting for a Man’s Approval of Your Body?

Geez it’s been a week of lowlights in the world of women and bodies that all have me wondering if we’re actually making any progress at all in turning around this life-limiting tide of negative critical bitching around women’s bodies.

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It’s Stop Fat Talk Week – Can You Do It?

Measuring Fitness – Rant Warning!

Man I’m feeling *so* cranky sitting here reading a couple of blogs that it’s time I started making some noise about this nasty distortion! Backstory: I bought the wondermachine, a Thermomix, a few months ago – finally. I’ve wanted one for a couple of years and if you read my blog regularly you know that…

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Loving Your Body Makes You Fatter?

It was very disappointing, distressing even, that maybe the most ‘famous’ body image advocate, Jess Weiner, recently spoke about how ‘loving her body made her ill’. Other than mentioning it I am not going to address it really, others have spoken at length about it. But what’s changed my mind is a couple of conversations…

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Who Shapes Your Shape?

Fat Talk and How It Shapes Your Body Image I’m mulling over some conversations I’ve had this week about weight, and am aware that they’re really conversations about body image but that the women I was speaking with do not think they have any body image issues, it’s just normal and easy to talk about…

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A Personal View of Labiaplasty

If Barbie Were Real…

Galia and Her Life-Sized Barbie I’ve written before about based on University research, but here’s something I wish I’d done instead, or also. But since someone else has done it, I can help spread the word and get more people thinking…. Barbie isn’t Real. But Ken Is? In 1996 researchers at the University of South…

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The Best Answer to “Does this Make Me Look Fat?”