The Dieting Imperative

Diets Don’t Work

You already know diets don’t work. If they did work we’d all be Official-Body-thin already wouldn’t we? 🙂 It’s a great time to talk about this because diet-product-pushers see the change of year or of season as yet another advertising opportunity to push the dream of the ‘perfect’ body onto your wallet. I know if…

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Physical Side Effects of Weight Loss

Dieting has a huge range of side effects that no one talks about. They were identified during the Minnesota Starvation Study, and you probably recognise them.

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I HATE weight loss new year’s resolutions

It’s that time of the year when everyone and their dog smacks us round the head with messages about losing weight. Yes new year weight loss resolutions are big, big business. The programs, pills, powders, potions and lotions sold at this time of the year make up a huge percentage of the $100 billion dollar…

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Time to end fat talk every day and change your life!

Fat talk has hit the headlines three times already this week, and it’s only Wednesday! It’s time to end fat talk, starting here. Fat Talk Round One First up, research from the UK ‘proved’ what a bitchy lot we women are, judging one another based on weight within 20 seconds of meeting! If that isn’t…

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Yay For The Baby Food Diet – NOT!

What I Did on International No Diet Day

What I Did on International No Diet Day I started INDD by writing a post about the day, and then went to the dentist, I’d chipped a filling. Then I hit the supermarket, and planned my International No Diet Day treat – strawberries in chocolate sauce made with Cadbury’s and organic cream. I also bought…

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Ten Ways to Celebrate International No Diet Day

Why I’m Grateful to Weight Watchers

Help! Improving My Body Image Is Just Another Thing To DO!

Media Reporting Body Image

I’ve had an interesting week or so reading various body image related stories in various media and a few have really stuck in my mind where they’re stewing. Could be of course that I see things through a body image related lens, but I figure it’s better than a body hating lens 🙂 Though in…

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