Media And Body Image

Barbie and Body Image – Is the Tide Turning?

Mattel, the maker of world-dominating dolly Barbie, have released new figures which show that Barbie’s sales have dropped 15% worldwide over the last quarter. Sales have fallen in eight of the last ten quarters says the Telegraph, possibly putting Barbie’s best days behind it. There is loads of research backing up Mattel’s insistence that Barbie…

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2014 Top Positive Body Image Blogs and Sites

The Most Effective Miracle Diet Ever!

So lovely, you’re on the lookout for the one miracle diet that will make you feel beautiful, energetic, happy and let you finally get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all, and step into the life you know is waiting for you when you’ve finally got the body of your dreams. I get that.…

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Dove Real Women – 10 Years On

It’s now ten years since we saw the first Dove campaign using ‘real women’ instead of perfectly photoshopped models so it’s a good time  I think to ask “What has changed in the way we see and speak about women in the world?”. The Dove campaign has been an important one in the sphere of…

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Sex sells….

First of all, I’m not a particular fan of censorship. Humans lust after the forbidden, always have always will. I firmly believe that education is the only way to change anything long term – legislation locks us all onto unexpected unpredicted paths so wherever possible I truly believe that education provides the only real solutions…

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Just For Men – Don’t Do It!!

Going Grey Naturally

Media Reporting Body Image

I’ve had an interesting week or so reading various body image related stories in various media and a few have really stuck in my mind where they’re stewing. Could be of course that I see things through a body image related lens, but I figure it’s better than a body hating lens 🙂 Though in…

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The Body Image Revolution Day 4 – Chenese Lewis

Crowned the first Miss Plus Size America, Chenese Lewis is also an award-winning actress, comedian, a radio show host, and also a keynote speaker. A lively inspirational guest on The Body Image Revolution second series, Chenese organises and runs the biggest Love your Body Day Weekend event in the US, possibly in the world, in…

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Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image

So the Australian Federal Government, spearheaded by Minister for Youth Kate Ellis, has spent the last year or so reviewing the media impact on female body image, and released the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image. Their Advisory Group, set up in March 2009, consisted of models, magazine editors and body image researchers.…

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