In the Magazines

A Good Read, or a Rag?

When was the last time you read a woman’s magazine, and by the time you reached the back cover you felt good about yourself? Now I’m not talking about a food and home magazine, or a wellbeing-focused publication, but the glossy weeklies and monthlies that focus on diet, exercise, weight loss, cosmetics, gossip, and fashion.…

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There is Hope for Women’s Mags!!

In the pile of women’s magazines that I’ve been stockpiling, donated by family and friends who know I have this blog, and sometimes bought by me when a headline has really irritated me, I found a mag that I bought and LOVED! I was just flicking through it again prior to recycling it, and was reminded…

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Famous Bodies and What They Think of Themselves

The Media and Body Image

I’m really not a fan of womens’ magazines – I stopped buying them when I was in my 20s because I’ve never been a soap opera fan and wasn’t interested in reading speculations attributed to “a close friend” about the lives of the people who were paid to act in shows I never watched. And you…

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What Women Think of Their Bodies

Ever wondered if you’re alone in having strong negative critical feelings about your body, or what other women think of their bodies? A recent magazine survey shocked me, and is such a strong contrast to what men think of women’s bodies: 554 women responded to the survey, evenly distributed over age groups, with 76% aged…

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Bananas in Sumo Country

A New Spin on Anti-Aging

Hehehehe despite the ad industry’s relentless onslaught on women’s self-esteem, I do sometimes have to admire the creative humour. There’s a new system to stop your bottom sagging! It says: “Humanity’s endless quest for the secret of prolonging youth is now over. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps. 1 Treat…

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What Men Think Of Women

Moms Rule!

Australian Healthy Food tells us that mothers are starting to distrust packaged food! 89% don’t trust the claims on food packages – and who would with milo cereal being pushed as a great healthy food for kids when it’s mostly sugar 73% believe food authorities are not doing enough to regulate food additives – and…

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Sleep More, Lose Weight