Body Image Help – Ask Sandy

Body Image After Eating Disorder Recovery

Hi Sandy, I’ve had an ED for 15 years and the last thing to go is the body image. I’ve been working on it pretty hard for a year and a therapist told me about tapping and this website. I was anorexic for 15 years and now I’m at a “healthy” weight, I’m ok with the…

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How Do I Stop Purging?

Sandy, My question is – how do you stop purging? I have an eating disorder and can’t stop purging. I also restrict, then when I eat something unsafe-feeling I purge which happens lots daily. What do you think I should do? ~Katie Katie, are you in any kind of treatment program? If not it’s important…

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Body Building and Cosmetic Surgery

Does This Negative Body Image Struggle Ever End? (includes podcast)

Terrified of Losing Control With Food

Post-Cosmetic Surgery Scars Causing Deep Sadness

I Want A Flat Stomach

Feeling guilty after eating

Help! Improving My Body Image Is Just Another Thing To DO!