ABCs of Body Image

What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

YOU Control Your Body Image

It’s true, the only person who controls your body image is you! It’s not the media’s 24/7 parade of fantasy flesh, it’s not your mother’s opinion of her body when you were growing up, it’s not the weight loss industry nor the personal training industry, nor the endless boring updates of how disciplined-others are bragging…

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Why you MUST care about negative body image

You won’t be happy when you’re at size/weight x – trust me, that doesn’t happen, no matter how much the latest celeb diet pusher tells you it will. But you must care about negative body image, and getting yourself past that. I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women who’ve spent years on…

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The Fat Talk Game – a game to help you stop fat talk

Move Your Body – 3D Workout Review

I’ve been feeling quite physically weak all year, not surprising I guess since I’ve been doing a lot of emotional healing. But my impression that my physical strength has dropped was reinforced by a therapist, Jim, last week, and along with the reinforcement came a recommendation that I do pilates. I don’t actually like pilates…

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The Negative Body Image Hole – Gratitude Helps

How To Spot Body Bias

I guess this could even be Part 2 of Stopping Fat Talk, because it’s important to train yourself to tune in to all the insidious ways we are subjected to the ‘thin means healthy’ lie mantra by media, health professionals, and friends and family. So this series of articles can help you question the ‘truth’…

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Going Grey Gracefully: A Modern Women’s Dilemma

Every day when I look in the mirror I have a little conversation with myself, and since it’s something I don’t really have an answer for, I end up putting off the decision I need to make until tomorrow: it’s about going grey gracefully. My good friend Miriam, like me, has very dark hair. She’s…

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A Personal View of Labiaplasty

What I Did on International No Diet Day

What I Did on International No Diet Day I started INDD by writing a post about the day, and then went to the dentist, I’d chipped a filling. Then I hit the supermarket, and planned my International No Diet Day treat – strawberries in chocolate sauce made with Cadbury’s and organic cream. I also bought…

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