ABCs of Body Image

The Best Answer to “Does this Make Me Look Fat?”

I really feel sorry for a guy who is faced with the question “does this make me look fat”, because it feels like there’s no right answer, and you might feel like a deer in the headlights when she asks you this question! But what if the question was a great opportunity to help your…

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What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

fat talking

Everyone has an opinion on body fat – some say fat will kill you, some say fat will give you cancer, some say fat is just fat, and some say fat is ugly. And there are as many opinions about fat people: lazy fat gluttons who have no self discipline, stuff their faces with junk…

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YOU Control Your Body Image

It’s not the media’s 24/7 parade of fantasy flesh, it’s not your mother’s opinion of her body when you were growing up, it’s not the weight loss industry nor the personal training industry, nor the endless boring updates of how disciplined-others are bragging about their chia goji wheatgrass smoothies on Instagram. It’s you that controls…

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Botox Changes Your Brain?

A new study has shown some new unexpected and puzzling side-effects of botox. Regular readers of this blog know I’m no fan of cosmetic medical procedures. The drive to make those changes is simply a dollar-driven industry that harms women in the long run, and I don’t get how doctors who pledge to ‘first do…

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Why you MUST care about negative body image

have no fear of perfection

You won’t be happy when you’re at size/weight x – trust me, that doesn’t happen, no matter how much the latest celeb diet pusher tells you it will. But you must care about negative body image, and getting yourself past that. I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women who’ve spent years on…

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How Are You Loving Your Body Today?

What are you doing to love your body today, this weekend? I don’t mean “What are you doing that you could SAY is about loving your body?”. I mean what are you consciously choosing to do to actively give your body some love today? Things like: spending a few minutes really appreciating every part of…

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Empower Yourself in Life Through Mindful Meditation

meditation time

I’m starting a short series on meditation because I know it’s something we all know we should do, and it’s often something we really struggle to find time and energy to actually do! I even have an app on my phone that I can set for any length of time and it chimes nicely to…

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The Fat Talk Game – a game to help you stop fat talk

Fat Talk, as you probably know, is the habit we women have of talking about diet and food and our flawed bodies anytime we think about food. It begins when we’re teenagers and just never ever stops. This fat talk game can help you change your game! Apparently it’s a way of levelling the playing…

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It’s Stop Fat Talk Week – Can You Do It?

Fat Talk is that part of a conversation where we talk about our bodies in terms of the amount of fat on any given body part.

It’s that part of a conversation where someone says “Oh I’ll be ‘bad’ and have the cream/sugar/icecream/cake/rice/whatever”.

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Measuring Fitness – Rant Warning!

Man I’m feeling *so* cranky sitting here reading a couple of blogs that it’s time I started making some noise about this nasty distortion! Backstory: I bought the wondermachine, a Thermomix, a few months ago – finally. I’ve wanted one for a couple of years and if you read my blog regularly you know that…

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