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Yoga Pants on Your Body?

Holly Matisse versus the Body Police

This body-positive short story is now available as an ebook on Amazon. Link coming shortly.

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How Are You Loving Your Body Today?

What are you doing to love your body today, this weekend? I don’t mean “What are you doing that you could SAY is about loving your body?”. I mean what are you consciously choosing to do to actively give your body some love today? Things like: spending a few minutes really appreciating every part of…

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Empower Yourself in Life Through Mindful Meditation

You Are Not Here to Please Anyone Else

You, lovely woman, gorgeous soul, graceful spirit, are not here to please anyone but yourself. You are not here to work your ass off in whatever job you’re doing so you can afford this season’s “must have” fashion look, miracle anti-wrinkle serum, to hit the salon every six weeks to cover your dark or grey…

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2014 Top Positive Body Image Blogs and Sites

The Most Effective Miracle Diet Ever!

So lovely, you’re on the lookout for the one miracle diet that will make you feel beautiful, energetic, happy and let you finally get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all, and step into the life you know is waiting for you when you’ve finally got the body of your dreams. I get that.…

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Shaking as Exercise Anyone Can Do

What’s exercise that anyone can do, anywhere, any time, that is completely free and requires no equipment but your own body? I bet you said ‘walking’ and you’re nearly right, walking does meet nearly all those criteria. But you can’t do it your desk while you’re working. But there is one exercise you can do,…

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Healing Lower Back Pain Naturally

Lower back pain isn’t something we have to learn to live with, and that we can heal naturally! If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I had a crap year in 2012. I spent a lot of the year doing only what needed to be done and not much more – I just didn’t have the energy. All that no-activity is catching up with me now, lower back pain has hit.

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Delicious Remedy for Stress