Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Review Part 3

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Package

Here we are part 3 of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Review. It’s a bit slow coming I’m sorry to say because my computer finally needed a visit to Bob the awesome computer fixer guy. The fan on my Asus laptop has been pretty noisy for a while and it gave up the ghost last week. Bob got it fixed though which removed my excuse for buying a new super speedy replacement, good thing as it’s not on my current budget! 🙂

So while I was offline I was also away from my usual routine – not that I’ve been facial fitness reviewing for long enough that it is a routine yet! Luckily Jane, who volunteered to do the program along with me, has also been sending updates, I’ll add them below.

What I’ve noticed myself though is that some of the small muscles I didn’t feel were really moving in earlier days, now are moving! Like, the muscles under my eye actually get a contraction that my fingers can feel – yes, they’re waking up and working! wooo!

I’m still reading each card every day, though I’m now flicking through each one so the whole routine is deifnitely down to the 15 minutes. I have to confess also that I’ve not done the routine every day, I’ve intended to do so but well I have no reason, just excuses. So I was thinking this morning about managing all that better and I’ve put a little schedule on a mini whiteboard behind my bedroom door, so it’s always in my face. I am an early waker, and when I wake up, I wake up – my head starts going with all busyness of the day and my self care slides down the list. I mastered the 30 second shower when my kids were little and I’ve never really gotten past it, so this review process is also a way for me to pay closer attention to my own needs.

Confession over – I’m still noticing that my skin gets pretty red from all the rubbing, and the tingle my face gets now is really pleasant. I have small red veins in my cheeks which I’ve noticed for a few years now. The beautician at the organic skin care shop next to my old clinic said that she almost always sees them in the faces of coffee drinkers – either the caffeine or the constant heat. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee so that’s not the reason I have them – but somewhere in the course Carolyn mentions that they fade with regular application of the program! So I’ll be watching for that too. With the tingling and redness I’m thinking that the increased circulation can only be great for my skin; it’s certainly feeling smoother and softer. I slap on some moisturiser twice a day most days anyway, so I think it’s all the activity in the area that’s made the difference.

I’m using a moisturiser before and after the routine now, because my skin is sooo dry – it’s a cold dry winter here and my skin’s really suffering. Apparently that’s so for most people, my massage therapist says she’s using a lot more oil this winter than she usually does, because so many people have dry skin! My skin definitely feels softer though, and I *think* the turkey neck is changing! I’ll do pics in a couple of days.

So, recap – after a week on the program I’m noticing that small muscles are moving more, meaning they’re more active. I’m closer to knowing the exercises by heart but already the routine is running easily at the 15 minutes Carolyn promises the facial fitenss routine will take. My neck looks like it’s smoothing out, and my skin is softer. I’ve set a fairly solid routine in place and added it to my whiteboard to remind me.

Not bad progress for a week I think!

And now onto Jane, who has bravely provided a couple of lovely high-def photos taken by her documentary film maker neighbour:











Jane has started Carolyn’s Facial Fitness before, but she stopped doing the program before she really saw the results.

Jane Day 2

Reporting in, having ‘done my duty’ – it feels great to restart and I’m pacing myself, relearning the excercises.

Just for now I’m only doing part one, standing up.  I’ll progress to part two when I feel more confident and don’t have to watch the screen … a major difference this time around is that I have a big screen TV mounted on the face of a cupboard and I can walk right up to it and follow Carolyn, larger than life, without my glasses. (Very Very Short Sighted!)

After yesterday’s initial effort I did feel a bit sore in places but that soon wore off during the day.  I also cut my nails really short since I noticed that they got in the way yesterday.

As I went through the excercises today I decided I’m going to do double-duty on the toungue presses and neck stretches and strengtheners, since that’s one of the areas I dislike.

Jane Day 5

There couldn’t possibly be any physical changes yet but my face feels much more energised, if a tiny bit tender in unexpected places … just like re-starting any excercise regime, really! I’m generally a fairly happy person but my mood has lifted noticeably, most likely since I’m anticipating really excellent results from this intensive experiment.

Many years ago I practiced eye excercises ‘religously’ over a period of months and my vision improved so much that I didn’t have to wear glasses – though I stopped too soon and started wearing contact lenses and glasses again, I have some past experience of success with the eye excercises and with Carolyn’s program so I’m completely confident that there will be a noticeable improvement … the trick is to then incorporate the facercises into my daily life so that there isn’t any unravelling as with my vision, lol! As Carolyn says: “it’s fun to grow younger looking as you get older.”

I agree with Jane – doing this little bit of self care most days is adding something to my life – I’m not sure if for me it’s anticipation of great results, or if it’s more that I’m putting myself higher up my list and feeling like I’m a bit more in charge? Not sure, but I like it 🙂

More to come, if you’re still interested? Please let us know below 🙂

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  1. Et on August 20, 2012 at 3:04 am

    Yes yes I’m very interested and will be ordering Carolyn’s program soon. Thanks!! Love this website!

  2. Lyn on September 4, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    PLEASE keep going with the exercises! I woudl love to keep hearing about how you are getting on and photo updates. THANK YOU!!! xxx

  3. Sandra on February 10, 2013 at 12:38 am

    Late finding your review but REALLY interested in the outcome as I am desperately seeking a way to improve my facial and neck tone without surgery!

  4. Judy Harris on January 6, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Hey, I just discovered your site and it’s January 2014! Are you still doing Carolyn’s Facial Fitness? I noticed the dates on the other responses were in 2012! I’m doing the CFF Program as well, and I love the results! I’m at month ten, and I’m 56 years old. People are noticing a difference. I hope you’re still doing it, the program really works! Judy

    • Sandy Ross on January 7, 2014 at 3:32 pm

      Hi Judy – I stopped doing it but your comment has made me remember why I loved it so much! I’m getting it out again tonight! Please feel free to post your progress, I’d love to hear more 🙂 I’m SUCH a big fan of Carolyn’s work!

  5. Annette Davidson on January 23, 2014 at 10:14 am

    I am inspired by the positive changes in mood you describe. My antidepressants costs double each month what the $69 Kit does, and the antidepressants only partially help. What a bonus that would be along with the benefits of the facial exercises, which are what I was hoping for, at most.

    Both your experiences have convinced me it’s definitely worth trying – and I have never bought anything on-line before.

    Thank you so much for being the ground-breakers- keep up the good work!

    • Sandy Ross on January 23, 2014 at 10:30 am

      Best of luck to you Annette 🙂

    • Sandy Ross on January 23, 2014 at 10:31 am

      By the way Carolyn is a delightful woman to deal with, so if you have any questions do email her, she replies personally!

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