Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Review Part 2

Thanks everyone for your interest in the Carolyn’s Facial Fithess review part 1, I’ll answer a couple of questions here that I didn’t answer in the comments, or that came in via email. I’m delighted that so many people are interested in it as well!

So I left off a couple of days ago having run through part 1 of the DVD, which was about learning the exercises lead by Carolyn on video. Those were all done sitting up, though the routine itself is done laying down. So Part 2 of the DVD shows the five exercises that modify slightly when lying down – I flicked through those yesterday, no problems there.

One thing I noticed yesterday that seemed quite a change, was that my skin felt really soft. Remember I said that my skin was really red from all the rubbing? I dripped my microfibre facecloth in some cool water and ran it over my face; then lathered on some moisturiser. But I do that every day and I was still feeling like my skin was a bit dry in this cool winter air. I’m thinking that the redness was a sign of improved circulation and maybe the rubbing was a bit exfoliating? Either way, my skin feels lovely today, two days after the first lot of exercises. Either that or I’ve youthened overnight πŸ™‚

I didn’t have any muscle soreness after day one, this is a good thing because I’m no great lover of pain (I would *so* not be a candidate for the antics in 50 Shades of Grey – am I the only woman on the planet who hasn’t read it?). Anytime I’ve exercised and had pain for a few days afterwards has made me feel way less inclined to do more exercise!

So this morning I started on the Pacing CD – this is an audio track of Carolyn talking through each of the exercises, at the correct pace. I dropped the audio into ituned and then onto my pod, because I don’t have a portable CD player anymore, being a hightech girl and all πŸ™‚ I think that’s fair use under any copyright law; it’s still only me using it.

Then I headed to my lovely latex-mattress-clad bed with the flashcards and my ipod – I still don’t know what each exercise looks like, but the cards are numbered. The track runs for just 14 :10 minutes, and Carolyn says for my age I only need to do the routine three times a week. I think I can do that, specially with wanting to let you all know how it’s working! πŸ™‚

I think the flashcards are a great tool. The set contains:

  • an introduction to Carolyn’s Facial Fitness – Facelift Through Exercise, explaining the three phases. As I lie on my bed reading the intro I think maybe I’ve jumped to phase 2, Pacing, too quickly- maybe I haven’t learned all the moves well enough?
  • a card explaining that there are 57 muslces in the face, and that the program uses them all. It also explains that blood circulation is increased and results in skin that absorbs mousture better – bingo, the answer to my lovely soft moisturised skin!
  • a card about using the cards, saying that the photo and description on each card will help you in making sure you do the exercises correctly.
  • a ‘glance sheet’ which is basically an index of all the exercises
  • a card which lists the exercises that work on each face area (though she recommends you do the whole program of all 28 exercises or you run the risk of ‘spot building’ – could be scary :))
  • then a card for each exercise – a photo (or several) and short description of the moves on the front, and a detailed description on the back.

So I turn to the first card, read the front and the back, practice the move, and then fire up the ipod and work through the first exercise. It’s done in what seems like just a few seconds! Pause the ipod, read the next card front and back, practice the move, unpause the ipod and work through the exercise. It is very quick and takes a bit of thought and practice, but what new moves don’t?

Carolyn says that some of the muscles might be difficult to isolate at first, and I get that – some of the muscles feel like they’ve never worked – what have they been doing in my face all these years?? πŸ™‚ I’m pleased with the neck and jawline ones, can really feel the effort there; I’m sure that the rest of my face muscles need some strengthening too, but the neck and jaw line ones are what have brought me to the program!

So the routine takes me about 18 minutes, because of the read-practice-do method I’m using, but it does go quickly. Again, my skin feels very warm and I look in the mirror to check – yes, very red. I did the cool washer plus moisturiser thing again, it feels great!

Problems I found – the pace of the audio is quite fast, faster than I expected. I imagine though that once I know the moves without having to look at the cards, the pace will be just right. I’m pleased I jumped right in though, I have this thing where I like to be busy and I have quite a low boredom threshold (so you all commenting on the blog keeps me really interested, just so you know :)). As I said earlier I was a bit concerned about having jumped in too fast but the cards helped me work around it.

I also thought the cards might be hard to keep in order when using them to do the exercises, but it turned out to be fine. I had the main pile, picked up the top card and worked with it, then put it facedown on a new pile – ready for tomorrow.

Now, the book has a whole bunch more exercises, bonus ones – they’re for later though, when you know the basic routine, so I won’t do those for a month or so.

Also, the exercises are to be done no more than three to five times a week. It gives “a perfect foundation for adding any bonus exercises later on”. This is one instruction I’m going to follow πŸ˜‰ Muscles also “do better when they have a little weekly rest”, she says, giving a “more elegant, firm and blanced” muscle build when you allow recovery time. Oh she says to do 3-5 time a week for four months, then she has a chart to maintain the look – depending on your age how many times you work out the old fizog. So I won’t do the bonus exercises for fourth months – this is going to be a long review πŸ™‚

Oh – definitely wash your hands before you start – you don’t want to be rubbing anything germy into the skin around your eyes or nose, and in a couple of exercises you’re putting your fingers into your mouth to provide resistance to muscles – you want clean fingers for that. Well I do anyway – I have dogs and while they’re lovely, they’re dogs you know πŸ™‚

Okay questions answered:

Cost – Jane suggested I mention the price. There are two versions of the kit, I bought the full kit which is $67.95 US. There’s a Value Pack (instructions and the disks) for $39.95 US. For Aussies now’s a great time to think about buying because the exchange rate is great. The postage is great value anyway, Carolyn has a lot of Aussie clients apparently and she’s aware the postage can be a turnoff so she keeps it at cost.

Age – I don’t think there’s an age limit on when you can start doing the program. She does say in the book that the younger you are when you start, the less you’ll have to do.

Wrinkles – I know some people are concerned that the scrunching moves might deepen wrinkles. Carolyn says sometimes when the wrinkles are very deep, the wrinkles start to flatten out as they become shallower and might appear to look worse at first – but keep working and they “will flatten out, smooth out and finally disappear”. It’s worth remembering I think that skin changes are not the only cause of the appearance of ageing. The muscles in the face support the skin of the face, not the bones of the skull – so if the muscles shrink the appearance of the skin changes. Yes I know, it’s not what the skin care companies want us to believe πŸ™‚ No profit for cosmetic companies in face exercises!

Anyway – I’ll keep doing the exercises, and I’ll take another photo next Tuesday, that’s a week since I started, and then I’ll give weekly updates and photos – will be interesting to see what happens! Here’s the photo from today – hair pulled back, no makeup, still pink from the routine! It’s a bit grainy, taken with the ipad.

As always I’m interested in your comments, suggestions, and questions…. please write in the box below…

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  1. Et on August 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    What a stroke of luck that I stumbled onto your site. Can’t wait to follow your progress on the facial exercises. Your blogs are funny engaging smart and cool. Thank you! BTW I have not and will not read Shades of Grey.

    • Sandy on August 19, 2012 at 11:56 pm

      Et, thanks πŸ™‚ I am a big fan of audio books, they keep me company on a walk or while doing boring jobs like grocery shopping. I noticed on my fav audio book site a couple of days ago an ad for 50 shades as an audio… erg. I imagine with a shudder that someone somewhere thinks this would make a great movie too… bleah.

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