Low-carbing might help you drop body fat, but it can also drop brain cells!

Researchers at Tufts University, Massachusetts, studied 19 women aged 22 to 55. Half were put onto a low-carb diet, half onto a low-calorie balanced diet. Within just one week, the women on the low-carb diet scored far lower in tests of their attention, long and short term memory, visual attention, and spatial memory. There was no difference in hunger between the two groups.

No surprises there really, if you’re also aware of the findings of the 1945 Minnesota Starvation Study. It said reducing calories for any length of time negatively affects mental, physical, and emotional health, and it takes months for that health to return to balance.

And yet we’re still bombarded daily with the latest miracle diets, lambasting of “fatties”, and hysteria about the catastrophic costs of the “obesity epidemic”. All of which is based on the flawed idea that if you reduce your calorie intake, you can be fashionably thin – genetics be damned.

Anyone who’s had a long-term issue with weighing more than they “should” knows that there’s more going on. Perhaps it is more about leptin-intolerance, artificial hormones from plastics and in our food supply, or something else that we don’t really know about yet. One thing’s for sure, as long as our health continues to be incorrectly linked to our weight and research dollars are directed that way, we won’t find any meaningful answers.

And about the catastrophic costs of the obesity epidemic, is anyone looking at the long-term mental, physical and emotional impacts of dieting? Dieting reduces muscle mass in every part of the body, including the heart. There are definite links to increased heart attack after dieting, as the heart is weakened by dieting – it is a muscle after all. What about the catastrophic cost of depression? it’s an epidemic in our culture, I’m sure it’s diet-related. What about the catastrophic cost of eating disorders on our women, many triggered by dieting?

Keep pushing for balance….

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