Body Image Quiz


It can be exhausting trying over and over to get the perfect body, can't it - and you just want to figure out what's happening so you can get busy finding answers - this fun body image quiz can help.

I'm Sandy Ross, and I've been where you are. I was stuck on that roundabout spinning into misery for years, until I finally figured out the confusing, critical, nasty body image story, and stepped the heck off that roundabout and into loving my life!

Maybe you're looking for a way off that roundabout too?

Meet The Body Bliss Babes

We could feel like all of these in any one month – we women are cyclical after all. 


Desolate Debbie

is so over all the diets, exercises, programs and broken promises. She knows she has to do something different but she just doesn’t know where to start, who to believe, or what to do.


Frustrated Fran

works really hard to eat right, exercise right, weigh and measure everything right! But it all takes up so much of her energy, and she still doesn’t have the right body!


Sensitive Suzie

is starting to see all the ways she’s been told by the world that she’s not good enough, and is finding her way to making her own decisions about her body and her life, but she’s still vulnerable to a well-aimed shot!


Confident Carly

Confident Carly – likes who she sees in the mirror, loves being a woman, gives herself permission to be at the top of her priority list, and has the time and space to do what she wants to with her life.

Which Body Bliss Babe Are You?

Figure it out in three easy steps:

  1. Read each statement
  2. Click the circle next to the answer that is closest to the way you feel right now about that body part or that way of being. Hint: the right answer is the one that pops into your head, before your logical brain starts to 'figure it out'.
  3. And then click the Show Me My Results Button.

Let's Get Started:

I love my hair


I love my forehead


When I see a ‘treat’ food I think I’ll be ‘bad’ if I eat it.


My eyes and eyebrows are just right


I hate being seen without makeup on:


I love my nose


When I exercise I mostly think:


I am very satisfied with my lips


When I eat a ‘treat’ food, I calculate how long I’ll have to workout to burn off the calories so I don’t gain weight.


When I’m ready to go out and I do an appearance-check in the mirror, I say to myself:


My chin is just right


When I see a woman who seems more successful than I am, I console myself by thinking “At least I’m thinner/more attractive/hotter/younger than she is”.


My neck is everything a neck should be:


When I see a thin woman I feel jealous that she is thinner than I am:


My bottom/behind is just right:


My hips are just how I like them


When I see a ‘fat’ person eating a treat food, I think “they should not be eating that!”


My thighs are just right:


My calves and knees are just what calves and knees should be!


When I see a ‘treat’ food I think I’ll be ‘bad’ if I eat it.


I feel happy about my waist


When I look at other women, I rank myself as smaller/larger, or more attractive/less attractive


My stomach is just right for me


When I see what other women are wearing, I think “They should not be wearing that!” OR “I wish I could look as good wearing that!”


I love my breasts


When I see a woman who is thinner than I am, I feel jealous


I love my shoulders and arms


I am very satisfied with my overall muscle tone


I like my height


I am happy with my weight