What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

fat talking

Everyone has an opinion on body fat – some say fat will kill you, some say fat will give you cancer, some say fat is just fat, and some say fat is ugly.

And there are as many opinions about fat people: lazy fat gluttons who have no self discipline, stuff their faces with junk food and don’t care about their health. Fat people know none of that is true, and science knows that’s not true.

Sadly much of the media behaves as though it is true.

When anyone does talk about why we’re fatter than we were 50 years ago, what functions fat has in our bodies, or how much fat is “too much” they can barely be heard in amongst all the panic about the “obesity crisis”. Sigh.

This series of articles examines all kinds of issues around fat – one thing I can say for sure is that fat is one of the most emotionally laden topics of our time, and fear of fat is a major driver in eating disorders, mood disorders, and negative body image issues. We’re a crazy society 🙂

I will add to this series over time because we’re learning more about fat all the time – meanwhile please read on and I’d love you to share your thoughts.

All these pages will open in a new tab so you don’t lose this page. So here in no particular order are some ideas for you to consider around body fat: good, bad or ugly.


  1. Vivian on March 16, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    What a refreshing article! I am TIRED of reading, seeing, hearing so much emotional and physical garbage around what is ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘ugly’, etc. when it comes to our bodies; why is it that something so amazing as the human body has to be so vilified? Because it SELLS!! the industry feeds off our insecurities as people, and even more as women!! The more we believe that we are not right, not perfect, etc. the more we seek products to change ourselves but i say STOP!! stop the nonsense of hate!! let’s start loving all we are and who we are, unique, beautiful and marvelous! thank you for raising awareness to the ‘healthy’ aspect of fat and the way biology works so that we get rid of the negatively-laden messages that surround us daily! 🙂 thanks a lot for being part of the solution! 🙂

    • Sandy on March 16, 2013 at 1:05 pm

      Vivian – thank you 🙂 Thank you too for being part of the solution – the more people say NO, the more people WILL say no 🙂

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