Body Bliss Central in 2013

Hello again lovely reader,

2013 is shaping up to be a big beautiful year of delightful growth and consolidating change. And I’m sooooo excited!

The changes are flowing through to BBC here, and I’d like to share them with you:

BBC is extending its wings beyond healing body image to nurturing our amazing bodies.

I’m still working on how this will look exactly (it will probably evolve as the year marches on) but the plans include healing/nurturing circle calls and/or ecourses on topics like:

  • Health At Every Size (R) – breaking free of diet thinking once and for all
  • Chakra Balancing for Your Blissful Health – getting all your energy aligned and flowing
  • Money Bliss – hard to nurture yourself if you’re worrying about money!
  • Dealing with resistance to moving – a hangover from the move-more-lose-weight days
  • Herbs that help, herbs that heal – because herbs do more for us than taste good 😉
  • and so much more… including maybe a third series of The Body Image Revolution.

Are you not working with body image anymore?

Talking about, writing about, thinking about body image and health and wellbeing is my passion. Has been for 20 years and I can’t see that changing any time soon. So this site will always always emphasise loving and accepting your beautiful body and everything that shows up here will be focussed through that lense.

As well, all of the new work will offer tools that really help you to heal whatever needs healing. I’ve never been all about the talk, I love healing action and that’s what I hope comes through in all these new healing circles – beautiful healing energy for you and tools to make that esoteric la-la stuff actually work for you without needing to spend hours meditating (though if you like to, keep doing it), journaling, talking or really making any huge changes. Just effective tools and a bit of your own commitment and time.

What About Cost?

Some of these topics will be free, or partly free, most will be paid (this work is my passion but it’s also what keeps the wolf from the door 😉 If everything is free, I have to find other work away from here).

But I’m figuring out a way to make them as affordable as possible for as many people as possible. I’m still finalising that (can’t wait to tell you, have to make sure it’s really doable first!) and will give more details in just a few days, I hope it will resonate with you and make it possible for you to join in as many of our healing circle calls as you want to!

How does that sound? What kind of circles would you like to be part of? Let me know below…





  1. Adele on January 8, 2013 at 2:34 am

    I look forward to new ideas and a positive outlook in 2013, newly diagnosed with stage II diabetes I start the year with the challenge of changing my eating habits to healthier ones. Watching my carb intake, eating smaller portions, and exercising. Should be fun. Just more challenges for my sixties. Life is!!! and I am alive, so 2013… here I come ready or not. Adele
    P.S.. thanks for the encouragement.

    • Sandy on January 8, 2013 at 5:21 am

      Hey Adele 🙂 Oh my that is a challenge and I love your attitude 🙂 I remember reading about this study that had three groups of pre-diabetic women – one group went on a low fat diet, one didn’t change anything (the control group) and one just walked for about 30 minutes a day, no dietary changes. At the end of the study the low fat group’s diabetes symptoms hadn’t changed at all but the walking group had significant changes. It wasn’t what the researchers expected either, apparently… if you’re interested I’ll see if I can dig it up. I know you’re talking about lower carbs rather than lower fat but there might be something interesting there for you? Either way, best of luck with it, your attitude will do a great deal to keep you strong and healthy anyway, I reckon.

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