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Australian Bush Flower Essence Kangaroo Paw

I’m a massive fan of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

You might have heard of or used the classic Bach Flower Rescue Remedy essence. In Australia and the UK it’s available just about everywhere – most pharmacies have it and of course health food shops sell it.

I had used Rescue Remedy and had no idea there was more to flower essences than that – but when I took myself back to school in 2000 to study holistic counselling, my eyes opened wide to the beauty of a range of essences called Australian Bush Flower Essences.

These amazing little liquid healers were developed by naturopath and teacher Ian White, a fifth generation healer from a family of herbalists. Ian and his team have spread these essences across the world over the last thirty years. There are practitioners of Australian Bush Flower Essence healing on every continent so there will likely be one near you.

Of course like everyone who first comes across the essences and the minutely detailed healing compendium detailed in the two companion books, I thought I had every single issue mentioned!

But with patience and a newly-learned self-respect and gentleness, I was able to select the essences I most needed to help me move along and gradually I tried most of the essences.

When I started to run group courses on weight loss and body image, I developed this blend below – I’m not currently selling it but if you take the list to an Australian Bushflower Essence practitioner they will make up an essence for you. The cost is usually less than $15 and the bottle should last you for three weeks or so. I think most people will get amazing changes with about three bottles.

So here’s the ‘recipe’:

  • Kangaroo Paw – for self-consciousness
  • Wild Potato Bush – for feeling ‘heavy’
  • Wedding bush – for commitment to personal goals
  • Kapok – for commitment and follow-through when discouraged
  • Crowea – for worrying about your body
  • Paw Paw – for feeling overwhelmed
  • Peach Flower Tea Tree – to help you feel emotionally balanced and take responsibility for your healing

And in Jan 2013 I’ve added Angelsword, to protect you from the energetic influence of the world telling you your body’s not good enough!

An Australian Bushflower Essence blend is the simplest thing in the world to take – just seven drops under your tongue morning and night, and let the drops just kind of blend into the moisture in your mouth.

Done. 🙂

I hope you’ll find this blend as helpful and gently supporting as I and my blissful clients have. Oh – it occurs to me that if you would like to be notified when I am selling this and a few other beautiful blends again, please sign up for my newsletter (top left corner!)

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