If you’re like me, and all the women who finally want
to find peace with their body, if you’re finally ready to end
the self-critical body-hating madness, then you’re in the right place!

Seem Impossible?

You could simply to click ‘back’ now and look for that magic diet program that will make you happy.

But, .

Because I know you have spent thousands of dollars on the diets, the pills, the potions, the lotions, the gym memberships and exercise equipment that’s now just gathering dust under your bed or in the garage.

white checkYou know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insane, just like Einstein said.

white checkYou’ve done the dieting and the rebound bingeing and regained waaaaay more weight than you ever had to lose in the first place.

white checkYou’ve sweated, plucked, pummelled, rubbed, waxed, shaved, colored, trimmed, extended, covered, squeeeeeeezed …. so many parts of your body, and yep…. nothing changed.

white checkYou’re still feeling like you’re not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, straight enough, curvy enough….

And finally …. you’re looking for something that does actually work!!

You’re OVER Feeling Disappointed, Sad, and Hopeless!


You don’t know who to trust.

You’re a smart woman, you hold down a job, manage a relationship, probably wrangle your kids, might be studying, and have community responsibilities as well.


white checkWhy can’t you just get your weight stuff done and under control?

white checkWhy can’t you stop obsessing about all kinds of food?

white checkWhy can’t you look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see?

The Antidote to All The Body-Hating Misery!

Our culture teaches women from the time we’re very young that our bodies must look a certain way, or we’re just not good enough.

That’s despite all our other achievements and skills and talents – and if you believe the constant media barrage of ever-thinner and very beautiful women, it’s even more important than our very being!

We’re encouraged every day to put all our energy into making our bodies perfect before we do anything else.

Only, perfect never quite happens….

And the next day we do it all again.

Exhausting isn’t it?

I didn’t figure out that I could stop doing it all until I was in my mid 30s.

sandy-headAhem – it took major surgery and then a car accident before I’d give myself the space to figure it out, no one’s ever called me quick :)

I spent my early years living with the nicknames “Bones” and “Skinny”. I know they were meant with some kind of affection,but what I learned from that was:

  1. there was something very wrong with my body
  2. other people had the right to talk about my body any time they wanted to, any way they wanted to
  3. protesting about their opinions brought lots of laughter (ouch) and claims that I was too sensitive, and couldn’t I take a joke? So I learned that my body was a bit of a joke.

But then puberty hit, with all its changes. Suddenly being Skinny was something everyone thought was somehow excellent.

How do you reconcile that sudden admiration with all the years of feeling very wrong? I didn’t – my feelings of ‘something’s wrong with me’ got worse over the next few years. At 19 I went on the Pill and more change leapt into my body.

It seemed that overnight my clothes all started cutting into me. And I had a new best frenemy: the bathroom scales.

They plainly showed with ever-increasing numbers what was happening to me: my weight suddenly became a massive problem!

I Tried Every Diet Out There!

Atkins, Pritikin, F-Plan, Israeli Army, Weight Watchers. I joined a gym and overexercised insanely!

And every diet worked. Every single one. For a couple of months.

Then I couldn’t NOT eat anymore. And the weight came back, bringing friends!

Then the next diet also worked, for a few weeks.

Then again, my willpower failed me and I couldn’t NOT eat anymore, again!

And again the weight came back with a small army of bosom buddies!

Then the next diet worked for a week or so – but damn my weak willpower, what was wrong with me??

I HAD to eat.

And yep, the ever-growing army of fat cells tracked me down again and double-quick time marched straight back!

And still – I did it again. And again. And again.

Every time I failed again I felt more despair, more sense of ‘there’s something wrong with me’, more depressed, more hopeless….

Even a Cancer Scare Didn’t Shake Me Enough!

One day, aged 33, I found a lump on the side of my throat. Over the next few weeks it grew bigger and bigger.

I eventually sucked up my fear and took myself to my doctor – who immediately booked me in to see a cancer specialist. The next day I was having a biopsy on the tumour, with inconclusive results. Two days later I went under the knife for a surgical biopsy.

When I woke I had tubes in my nose, my mouth, and draining out of my throat!

My surgeon was smiling though – the biopsy was clear! But my thyroid was so damaged by the tumour that he removed half of it, leaving me with just half of a functioning thyroid. “It’s in great shape though,” he said.

So NO CANCER! But that well of ‘something wrong’ was deep and wide – and with half a thyroid gland running the show I was about to gain more weight than I ever thought was possible – in about two months I gained about 20 kilos without changing a single other thing I was doing!

BUT I was healthy! My children were small and I was SO grateful that I was still alive to see them grow.

I kept looking for the miracle diet, the one that finally would work around my slow thyroid, that I would be able to live with!

Meanwhile this little voice started showing up in my head:

“Really? You just had a massive scare. Are you really still going to focus on what other people think of the size of your arse?”

“Oh seriously – COME ON! There’s got to be more to life than lurching from one diet to the next!”

“There is much more to you than your weight or your skirt size. Wake up already.”

And slowly I started to notice new-to-me ideas in the world – diets don’t work. The BMI isn’t a measure of your health. Over exercising is a form of eating disorder. This constant diet is a form of eating disorder.

WHAT? That one really stopped me in my tracks, and eventually sent me back to school to learn more.

Nine years after my cancer scare I graduated as a holistic counsellor, armed with information, tools and passion to change my self!

I Healed all that Self-Hate – Better Late Than Never :)

Yes, it took a while to undo all the stuff I’d learned and believed my whole life!

It took a while to find the right information and the tools that actually worked – I also figured out that I couldn’t only think my way out of the messy painful cycle I’d been living in.

And the Body Bliss 101 Program is a neat little package that starts teaching you exactly what I learned, the exact tools and strategies and information and action, the first steps that changed my life, and have changed the lives of over a thousand women around the world as well.

How Can I Get Started?

Here’s what you’ll get in the Body Bliss 101 Program:white checkA private email right to your personal inbox every day, linking you through to a private members-only area where you’ll get…Ewhite checkye opening (dare I say mind-blowing?) facts that will help you deeply question what you’ve always thought you knew about you and your body – in five minutes or less each daywhite checkA special EFT Tapping script that you work through – again five minutes or less each daywhite checkThen every two days for another six days you’ll receive another email with another ten minutes of reading and script.white check

Tracking sheets to help you notice just how far you travel over the ten days

white checkA private members-only forum where you can share with other people on the same journey

And all for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Join us now to start your transformation.

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So all up about one hour out of your week in little bites so you can fit it into your life (I really do get how busy you already are), to start deprogramming some of the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that have kept you from being happy with your body.

Are you worth an hour of your time?

I get that when you’re feeling soooo down on your body, feeling so critical and upset, even embarrassed, you might not think you’re worth spending a cent on.

But I promise you, if you’re not feeling significantly happier with *you* by the end of the simple program, you can simply ask me for your money back, and I’ll send it, no questions asked.

Will this short program completely ‘cure’ you, give you the perfect body, help you lose or gain weight?

Thing is I’m not promising you a magic spell here.

Here’s What I AM Promising….

This program will get you started feeling, thinking and seeing yourself differently.

Seeing and feeling like there is some light at the end of the tunnel… some hope for you… real possibility that you can and will finally feel happy in your own skin.

That you can live the life you’ve been putting on hold until your body’s ‘perfect’.

Be the Change….

I know that one woman at a time can learn day by day to love being in her body.

That woman could well be you.

You can nurture and respect your body – and it will respond and become the body of your dreams because it already is, and it will thrive and blossom with your loving care.

And you will be a little ripple in the pond that is your family and your community.

Your way of treating and honouring and trusting and respecting your body can be a new example for other women, and help them break free of the relentless be-thinner messages of the diet industry.

And with your help, eventually we’ll reach a tipping point where it will seem like suddenly everyone just knows it’s okay to love and respect and nurture our bodies.

Finally we will have healed this epidemic of self hate that’s been plagueing us for the last 100 years.

It is possible.

It starts with you.

So that’s why the program exists, that’s why it’s just $19.97 – less than $2/day.

If you want to heal yourself, or innoculate yourself against the life-limiting woman-hating nonsense that the diet industry pushes at us all dozens of times every day – click this button now and you’ll be getting started in just a few minutes!

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Women Only

I should say that the series is aimed at women, because of all the people I’ve worked with who have had negative body image issues, only one has been a man.

So if you’re a man reading this, please forgive me, I openly confess I don’t have the same understanding of your issues as I have of women’s issues. But the tools and exercises will probably help you too, so if that sounds useful please go ahead and sign up and I’ll do my best to help you.

In my clinical practice I work with girls and women who show the world a happy and carefree face, but who are actually plagued by overwhelming, destructive, life-limiting thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs about their bodies.

It’s so painful for them, and I know how they feel – because that used to be me.

I know the information in this course can help you move into a happier relationship with your body, and a happier way of really living your life. 

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PS: I know you’re worth your own care and attention, and I’m here to help you give yourself permission to give yourself that care and attention. So come on in…