Being Grounded and Body Image

For most of us, “being grounded” still echoes with a parent’s voice limiting our activities, as a punishment for something we did or didn’t do. I just came across a video that I’ll link to in a minute, that discusses the latest medical research into being grounded, the kind that meditation and similar practices talk about.

I’ve long been amazed at the idea that we humans are masters of our planet, and at the current push to “save the planet” – what we’re really talking about of course, is savings ourselves and our way of life on the planet. This mighty planet will continue its existence, whether we humans walk its face or not. We talk as though we’re somehow separate from the planet, when the truth is, every molecule that makes up our bodies comes FROM our planet: the earth beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the water we drink. Yes I know it’s obvious, and it bears repeating 🙂

And the research cited in the video I watched this morning is very conclusive in terms of how important it is for us to connect, skin to skin so to speak, to our planet. For example, the earth beneath our feet is composed of negatively-charged electrons, natural anti-oxidants, that pour into our bodies when our skin connects to the earth. Every biological marker such as white blood cells levels, hormone levels, heart rate and many others, read significantly differently when we’re grounded. Cortisol levels, one of our stress hormones, drop when we’re connected, skin to skin, with the earth. When we’re grounded, these markers are all more likely to be ‘normal’ than when we’re not grounded.

Our atmosphere is composed of positively-charged electrons, and our comfortable lifestyle of insulated houses and clothing and shoes, also insulates us from the earth. Our bodies therefore become over-charged with these positively-charged electrons and our cells oxidise, that is, our bodies age, and worse, our bodies are likely to be severely inflamed! Emotionally, we are likely to feel scattered, isolated, lonely, even depressed.

So connecting directly to the earth as often as possible, balances the charge and helps to maintain the body and emotional health.

How does this impact on our body image? Well I’m still thinking through all the implications, but one thing that struck me immediately was the fact uncovered in the research, that when we’re not grounded we are very likely to suffer from inflammation in our cells. That reminded me that the research into leptin resistance, that hormone which is overactive when people are carrying “excess” weight, also says that inflammation in the body may be at cause for excess weight. Not I’m not talking about the 5 pounds you think you need to lose, I’m taking about big amounts of weight, particularly around the middle of the body that are definitely linked to some increased health risks; and is notoriously difficult to change.

feet2 So it occurs to me – what if the solution to all this “obesity crisis” madness is to do what we did as kids – well, what my generation did as kids (I’m aged 47 as I write this)? That is, ran around in our yards or neighbourhoods with our shoes off, sat in or under trees for hours, rode our bikes barefoot, even ate our food sitting on the grass.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Scuse me, I’m off to drink my tea under my big gum tree, wonder if the koalas are here today?

Oh, here’s the video link….

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  1. britt1 on October 13, 2010 at 4:55 am

    Sounds like fun so much simplier.

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