Yay For The Baby Food Diet – NOT!

Yay For The Baby Food Diet – NOT!

I usually don’t talk about diets at all, and don’t recommend any diets, but reading the paper this morning while having my porridge with full cream milk, I choked when I read about the wonders of: the baby food diet.

What the?

Benefits of the Baby Food Diet

Before I got into full on angry rant (also a rarity for me!), here’s a few reasons the baby food diet, the “amazing new diet used by superstars like Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga” works:

Commercial baby food is very regulated – it’s much ‘cleaner’ than other foods with severe restrictions on additives, preservatives, flavourings, and sugar. So big ticks there.

It’s also pureed, so is very easy to digest – it’s for babies, remember, who can’t chew their food and whose digestive systems cannot yet take food apart. Most adult women have been limiting, changing and experimenting with their food for so many years, or have been eating mass-produced food that is marketed as healthy but is anything BUT nutritious, that our digestive systems might well be compromised. So food that’s easy to digest can give the digestive system a rest and also reduce sugar cravings when Spleen Energy is improved (this is the holistic framework). So another big tick.

The third big tick for the baby food diet is in portion control – apparently women on the diet are eating up to 20 jars of baby food each day. They’re are eating small portions regularly and so never feeling hungry.

But in my opinion that’s all that’s good about the baby food diet, ‘good’ being highly related to the idea that thin =- healthy = good – which is not necessarily true as Dr Linda Bacon proves in Health At Every Size.

What’s Wrong With the Baby Food Diet

Grown women eating baby food? Surely not, you’d be saying. But, sales of baby food have risen by 20% in the UK the two weeks since the baby food diet hit the market; one brand of baby cereal is leading the way.

Can we give any clearer message that an adult female “should” be more child-like, younger, less assertive, less in control of her life and her desires, than to tell her she should eat baby food?

My kids are in their 20s now but I remember baby food – it’s bland. It’s almost liquid. It’s perfect for babies not for grown women.

If you’re on this page looking for information about why the baby food diet is the one that’s finally going to give you the ‘body of your dreams’ click X now, because you won’t like what I’m going to say next:

Your body is already amazing, it’s got you this far in life with you heaping disappointment, blame, and all kinds of restriction on it.

You are already good enough – no matter what that male says or does to make you feel like you’re not.

Anyone who is telling you that feeding yourself baby food is a smart decision for a female who is more than 1 year old is lying to you – ask yourself why they are doing it? What do they gain? Because I guarantee you, you are losing far far more than any body fat that your body might shed in the short term. Self respect being one thing, money being another. Both are essential to your long term wellbeing, please – don’t just give them away.

And if that person telling you your bod isn’t attractive enough, or attractive in the way to suit them, then as tough as it is to hear this, you don’t need them in your life, they will never love you for you, only for what you represent to them. It is not your job to make someone feel their status is better because of the way you look, you are not a trophy, you are a woman.

Okay that’s the rant over – it’s exhausting maintaining the rage because actually you can get all the ‘benefits’ of the baby food diet without succumbing to the more insidious messages that you’re only good enough if you’re thin enough – and you know already that ‘thin enough’ is an ever-moving target, so you can safely ignore it.

So here’s what you can do instead of the baby food diet

If you’ve been dieting and eating all those food-like substances that promise miracles but miraculously only empty your purse – and yes I know you have tried them because I did that for years as well – you probably have weakened digestion. You’ll know this if your nose runs anytime you eat. So cook your food well – soups and stews and casseroles. Only drink liquis are room termperature or warmer. Eat less dairy as well, 1-2 serves a day is plenty when you’re also eating a good variety of other foods. Have no more than one serve of wheat a day.

Seriously think about getting off sugar – it is WAY easier than you think it will be and no, it doesn’t mean you’ll never again eat anything sweet in your life OMG how will I manage that? Weakened digestion contributes to sugar cravings, so does stress and anxiety – read my getting off sugar posts for more info. Seriously, you can do it, you will change your life.

If you really want help figuring out what’s food and what’s not around all the mega-marketing messages, get Cyndi O’Meara’s 21 day diet (which isn’t a diet at all, but is a clean-up-your-food program, which may result in weight loss as your body gets healthier). It’s easy to do, easy to read, step-by-step, an education in changing gradually to foods that support and nurture your body.

And finally – just stop reading the bloody women’s magazines that push this crap at you! There are loads of magazines that focus on what really matters in life – your spirit, your abilities, your skills, your talents, your family, your actual real health as opposed to another diet dressed up as health. My favourite is Mind Food out of New Zealand, but there are lots of others. Here’s my test: if it’s got a story about diet or weight loss on the cover, it’s not your friend, it’s your fr-enemy, treat it that way, do not let it into your life in any meaningful way (and yes, 20 minutes on the train commuting is meaningful, don’t do it!).

Seriously – you are worth so much more than another weight loss ‘guru’ pushing another way to ‘lose weight and be worthy’. I know you probably don’t believe me right now, but I believe in you – please, ditch the baby food diet and give yourself permission to be a woman; no matter what size or age you are, you deserve to know your own power and beauty.



  1. Jenn on September 24, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I don’t agree, I am very obese and have a 9 month old to think about. I need to lose weight and be healthier sooner rather than later and don’t have the time or the money to be buying all kinds of food except for my baby and the cheap stuff. Baby food and baby cereal is the healthiest stuff out there and it will help me lose the weight that I need to so that I can start working again and help support my family again, I have a heart condition and my doctor said I need to lose the weight and it’s hard to do that when I can’t do vigorous exercise. So yes, I’m going to do the baby food diet until my body’s at least healthy enough to be able to lose the weight a better way.

    • Sandy on October 4, 2013 at 5:44 am

      Jenn, I appreciate your health concerns. Please have a look at the Health at Every Size principles as a path to robust good health.

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