Alexandra Pope

Alexandra Pope is the best-selling co-author of ‘The Pill – Is It For You?’, the author of ‘The Wild Genie – The Healing Power of Menstruation,’ and a featured teacher in the unique documentary “The Moon Inside You”. Alexandra is a women’s leadership coach, facilitator and counsellor, and for the last 25 years, she has pioneered a ground breaking approach to women’s physical, psychological and spiritual well being based on our cycle, and on the journey from puberty to menopause.

Apart from running many public workshops, she’s also given lectures on workshops at naturopathic colleges and universities and hospitals, and community health centres and counselling organisations – and she’s also spoken at many conferences. She’s also produced a 13-session self-guided course called ‘The Woman’s Quest’ which is a yearlong guide helping women unfold the intelligence and power of their cycle.

Alexandra’s Body Image Revolution interview on The Pill had one of the highest attendances and most comments of the series. While we discussed many aspects of this form of contraception, some of the main points were:

  • It’s really, really important for women to have reliable contraception. And when a woman has reliable contraception she feels so much more confident in herself.
  • Alexandra does not think the Pill is either safe or ultimately reliable, and the Pill is synonymous with contraception and so when we say the Pill is bad, women panic and think oh I can’t go back to bad old days – and you shouldn’t. But there are alternatives as reliable if not more so, and they are covered in the book
  • The Pill damages your overall health. For some women it’s really strong, it happens almost immediately. For some women, it just happens gradually over time.
  • Two of the key side effects weight gain and depression
  • Another huge side effect is that the Pill is shutting down a very vital system in your body that is actually connected to other vital systems
  • It also shuts down your emotional intelligence
  • How women feel ripped off when they realize that their strange health symptoms are known side-effects of hormonal contraception that are rarely talked about
  • Why men might be more interested in taking responsibility for contraception if they understood the side effects
  • Why The Pill has been the biggest social experiment in history

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