Are You Addicted to Weighing Yourself Over and Over?

I can almost guarantee men won’t “get” that sometimes women will weigh themselves over and over, but almost all women can relate to it in some way: you’re addicted to your bathroom scales. More correctly,  you’re addicted to the number on the scale.

I know that for years I was certainly addicted to weighing myself daily and sometimes more!

I worked at home for years, and I remember one diet I was on which encouraged weighing yourself twice a day, and then writing your weight in the chart in the book, for a full 30 days! The thinking was that this would give an overall picture of your weight over a month, so that it would be “easier to control”.

And I thought that was a fine idea, and because I did work at home and had access to the scales I over-complied – every time I went to the bathroom, I weighed myself.

I think I managed to stick with that regime for a few days, I actually don’t remember how long.

I do remember that I became increasingly depressed – the numbers on the scale were a constant reinforcement of my too-muchness and my not-enoughness, and it really fed my truly-sickly negative body image in those years.

Although, I think that diet was the one that really started me thinking about “who says I need to keep doing this”? And “surely there’s more to life than this??” So there was an upside 🙂

What I now think of the whole idea of weighing yourself over and over is this:

it’s nuts.

Here’s why:

A Healthy Body’s Weight Changes Every Minute

The weight of the female body can change by up to five pounds between one week and the next, without any changes in food intake or activity levels, driven by the ever-changing levels of hormones. That’s because our bodies are very finely tuned self-regulating machines, that don’t actually need to be controlled by restrictive calorie, carb or any-other-thing counting!

Our bodies have been successfully and naturally managing our weight for hundreds of thousands of years, easily, without us needing to count calories, write the numbers into a book, and add them up at the end of the day to see if we’ve made the grade.

All we need to do is eat good quality freshly prepared foods three times a day, most of the time – occasional “junk” food is okay (though I notice how sluggish the old bod feels on junk!) and good body image is in our way.

I think even a once-a-week or once-a-month weigh-in are absolutely NOT needed.

EFT Would Have Fixed my Weight Obsession

The whole idea that for most people, their weight is any kind of an indicator of their health, is so inaccurate that it’s meaningless and we need to get it out of our lives, people.

I worked REALLY hard to get rid of it, believe me! One session with a good EFT therapist would actually do the job very well I think – but I didn’t know EFT at the time.

I was reminded today of just how miserable my body image was during so many years of being addicted to my bathroom scales and weighing myself once or twice every day, and like most women, letting that number decide my mood.

I bet you’ve done that too?

EFT Tapping Body Image Script

For me, the temptation to get on scales these is so rare that I can’t think of the last time I did so. In fact, the only scale I own now is the one in my kitchen.

I know for sure that EFT to improve body image has been a major part of this release for me. I’m pondering how I would feel if I DID weigh myself again – and I’m surprised that there’s a little bit of fear there!

Fear that I will lose the positive body image that I’ve worked so hard to build, the sense of self-worth that’s about all of me, the reclaimed joy in simply living that I’d lost touch with for most of my life.

Hmmm, that is interesting, I think I need to tap 🙂 Get the EFT diagram with the tapping points, here (opens in a new window).

These are the words I’d use for my own reactions. You can tap along to borrow the benefits, or if you’re a more confident tapper you can substitute your own words. Tune into your own feelings, and give that feeling a number from one to ten – it’s the number that pops into your head.

Weighing myself over and over

Even though I am surprised that I’m a bit afraid of weighing myself, because I might fall into old disordered patterns again, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I feel this fear in my chest about what it will mean if I don’t like the number I see on the scale, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I feel this fear about the power that the number on the scales might have over me again, I love and accept myself anyway.

  1. Top of head: this fear in my chest
  2. Eyebrow: this scales fear in my chest
  3. Side of Eye: this scales fear
  4. Under Eye: this scales fear in my chest
  5. Under Nose: I was so obsessed, and afraid I might be again
  6. Chin: this fear in my chest
  7. Collar bone: I was so obsessed, and afraid I might be again
  8. Under Arm: this scales fear in my chest
  9. Rib: this fear in my chest
  10. Wrist: this scales fear
  11. Top of Head: I’m afraid I might be obsessed again.

What’s your number now?

The real issue here for me was not being afraid of the scales themselves, but afraid of triggering old patterns of thinking and feeling like my body is not ‘good enough’, and falling into those life-limiting I’m-not-good-enough patterns that so controlled me for decades.

If you liked this tap and feel like you’ve got a bit more to clear, a great place to start is my Body Bliss 101 Program. It’s an ebook on Amazon so you can get it right away and it’s very affordable (just $1.99). It has more tapping scripts to help you break your own old patterns, and solid information to support new ways of thinking and feeling about your lovely self 🙂



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