A Patch of Pure Body Bliss

I want to introduce you (or for Body Image Revolutionaries, re-introduce) you to the delightful work of a woman I so admire.

She is an artist and high-school teacher. She has spent countless hours nurturing and counselling teenage girls around body image issues – and let’s face it, it’s almost normal for our teens to be living with these painful issues every day. (Every study over the last five years that’s looked into teenage girls and their concerns has identified that body image is their number one issue.)

And it’s not just teenagers – we older women have been living with this distorted view of female bodies for decades.

To bring some balance into the picture she started drawing what she was speaking.

The result is a delightful book of luscious, every day drawings and short descriptions of typical body situations.

For example:

and the words:

Practice saying this until you believe:
I am a strong confident woman.

Whatever your size,
whatever your shape,
your age,
your income,
or your position in life:

Ignore distractions
and remain focused.

Learn from your failures
and remain determined.

Believe in your strengths
and be empowered.

Become the strong, confident woman of your dreams!

Elizabeth Patch

This is just one of dozens of powerful, empowering, messages from this talented artist and writer.

Her name is Elizabeth Patch. I interviewed her on series one of The Body Image Revolution and her words filled my heart and those of the nearly 3000 women who listened in. I’m a ridiculous fan and I think everyone should at least sign up for her blog, and buy her book.

Seriously – it’s the kind of book you can dip into any day and find just the you-affirming message you need to see.Her images and words help to counteract all the not-good-enough messages that will cross your awareness today.

This lovely little pocket-sized book is the best thing you’ll do for your confidence all day, I promise!

that's body bliss


  1. Mark A. Michael on January 16, 2013 at 6:16 am

    I totally get becoming comfortable with whatever body we have, however if we take no steps to move towards better health we will not achieve that goal.

    • Sandy on January 18, 2013 at 8:19 am

      Hey Mark – being comfortable in whatever body we have IS a great step towards health. Hating on ourselves does the opposite – you don’t actually care for what you hate. When you appreciate and approve of your body, you move because it feels good, not to punish yourself for not being perfect. And you eat foods that make your body feel good, not any old junk that is marketed well, because when you’re comfortable in the body you’re in, you actually care about its health. So research says anyway 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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