7 EFT Tapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

question EFT tapping is simple and easy to learn, but did you know that it’s still possible to make mistakes? 

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when tapping:

1. Not Tapping Often Enough

The more you tap, the better the results.  Experts recommend at least five minutes of tapping three or more times each day. 

At the very least, do some tapping in the morning before getting out of bed, and again at night before falling asleep. 

A few issues can be cleared up with a minute of tapping, but most will needmore time and attention – remember that it took a while for you to develop the issue you have, or if it was one of those issues that landed with a shock, you’ve been living with it for a while. It won’t take days or weeks to balance your energy and emotions again, but it will take more than a few minutes. 

More frequent tapping can also clear bigger problems more quickly.

2. Not Tapping Long Enough

Many people stop too soon during a tapping session.  Too often, beginners tap for few rounds and give up when they feel they’re not getting the results they were hoping for.  Tapping to clear up one issue will probably take 10-30 minutes, or even longer. 

Investing time into tapping will make a lot of difference to the issue you’re working on.

Some people will also stop when they begin to feel better.  Don’t settle for a bit of relief; keep on tapping until the energy starts flowing and you feel really good. It’s what one of my teachers calls “the energised end state” and it is blissful! So worth tapping for just an extra round or two to get that natural high.

3. Not Being Specific Enough

Global or general statements can help get you started in the right direction while tapping, but after that you have to be more specific. 

You can start with a statement like “Even though I feel anxious right now, I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

After doing a couple of rounds of the general statement, you can go down to specifics such as “Even though I feel anxious about my upcoming job interview, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Don’t worry about what to say – as you tap on the general stuff, the specifics will kind of appear in your mind, and if you’re paying attention you’ll know what to tap on next.

You’ll get better results when you’re focused on the specific parts or aspects of any issue.

two-fingers 4.  Wanting To Do The Tapping Perfectly Right Away

So many of us are really locked into what I call ‘perfectionitis’ – that is you want to be “perfect” and know everything so you can do it correctly before you get started.

It’s a common issue (and responds well to tapping ;)).

Thing is, there’s a reason it’s called a daily practice – it’s so you practice it! And as you do it, you get better at listening to the conversation going on in your head and noticing the feelings in your body.

Getting started on tapping is more important than being perfect.  You can still get good results even if you think your technique is less than perfect.  Start with the basic tapping points and be sure to tap daily to develop your EFT skills.

5. Not Tuning Into The Feelings

Remember that tapping clears stuck or stagnant emotional energy from your body.  It’s important to tune into your feelings and not just “think” about them. 

If current issues in your life are the result of embarrassing childhood memories, try to recall how you felt at the time the embarrassing incident happened.

Old feelings of shame, hurt and anger will sometimes resurface when you tap.  Allow yourself to feel these feelings and you will get more out of your tapping sessions.

6. Expecting All Results From Tapping To Be Permanent

You can’t expect 100% positive results all the time – this is true for EFT and for all healing methods.  Don’t get frustrated or discouraged if an issue or part of it comes back.  Some people do get permanent results but in many cases you may have to do more tapping to get rid of the issue completely. 

If you have a problem that keeps coming back, this could mean that other aspects of the issue need to be uncovered and addressed first.

7. Sticking to EFT Basics Only

To master EFT and reap its full benefits, you have to invest time and effort into developing your skill and fine tuning your intuition. It’s not enough to “go through the motions”.  Listen to your intuition and use it to find the emotions and root causes of your problems.

If you’d like to explore more about tapping, check out my book on Amazon – you can be reading more in just a few minutes when you download the ebook version.


  1. Kai Ashley on March 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Great article – I’m sure it helps a lot of people!

    • Sandy Ross on March 13, 2014 at 7:26 am

      HOpefully Kai 🙂 People get really hung up on doing tapping ‘right’ – and I always tell peeps that the wrong way to tap is NOT to tap. Focus on the feelings and healing is possible!

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