2014 Top Positive Body Image Blogs and Sites

Welcome to the top positive body image blogs and websites guide for 2014.


I last did this list in 2009 when it was really hard to find body image blogs that were not masquerading as weight loss blogs. There are stacks more positive body image blogs out there now, and several of the ones on my 2009 list are sadly no longer operating.

So it’s time for an update. Here are the criteria I used to develop this list:

  • active sites, meaning they have new posts or articles at least once a month
  • do not encourage weight loss as essential for health or happiness, or hijack the language of positive body image to mean weight loss
  • don’t have the opinion that you have to wait until you’re ideally ‘thin’ to love your body
  • not strictly commercial sites, they also add their voice and opinions to the ongoing debates about positive body image, self love and size acceptance
  • may or may not also be focussed on recovering from eating disorders
  • do help to break the mass media stereotypes of beauty and how women “should” be
  • are easy to read – no eye-bleeding colour combos, backgrounds that make my eyes struggle to focus on the words, or tiny fonts that make me squint – thank me later for saving your eyes ūüôā
  • responded to request to include them
  • work in my browser (Chrome)
  • I just like them!

And yes I know that my preferences are not everyone’s – so this time around I asked the blog or site owner to nominate their favourite positive body image blog. That means you’re getting a double dose of body-lovin’ goodness!

So bookmark this page, grab your favourite bevvy and get ready to give yourself some body love! PS: they’re ordered in the order I received the info from the site owners ūüôā

2014 Top Positive Body Image Blogs


What bride, in the year of her wedding, decides to stop using mirrors ever?

Kjerstin Gruys did just that, and though it wasn’t easy she did learn to live without her reflection! She blogged for a year about the struggles of learning to only use her mirrors for driving, and learning to trust her friends to tell her if she had broccoli stuck in her teeth! In May 2013 her journey was released as a book, Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Visit now for inspiration and some activities that will push your buttons, but help you see yourself in a whole, more loving, new way!

Click here to visit A Year Without Mirrors


“My favorite body image blog is definitely the blog at About-Face.org. About-Face is a nonprofit organization that equips women and girls with tools they can use to understand and question media messages that threaten their body image and self-esteem. They maintain an amazing list of their “Gallery of Offenders” and “Gallery of Winners” to showcase the best and worst of contemporary media.¬†

Their blog is written by a variety of body image activists, ranging from impassioned high school students to published authors.

In addition to their powerful messages on body acceptance and feminist perspectives on contemporary media, the About-Face blog is known for it’s humor and sassy attitude. Love it. :D.”

Click here to visit About Face


Meet Lexie and Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, 28-year-old identical twin sisters with PhDs in the study of media and body image from the University of Utah.

I’ve been following their blog since they first released their excellent Body Positive Sticky Notes a few years back.¬† Their mission is helping girls and women recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies and what ‚Äúbeauty‚ÄĚ means and looks like.

Beauty Redefined aims to continuously promote the idea that all women are worthwhile AND beautiful while fighting against the harmful ideals we’re sold at every turn.

“If beauty hurts, we’re doing it wrong,” they say.¬† Prepare to find answers and ask yourself hard questions.

Click here to visit Beauty Redefined.


“Autumn Whitefield-Madrano lives in NYC and writes a blog called The Beheld and she is amazing.

Lindsay and I found her work a few years ago when we were just getting into this wide world of body image advocacy. Her writing was such a refreshing, thoughtful, and thought-provoking look at the beauty industry, beauty in general, and what it means in each of our lives.

Each post resonated with us in such powerful ways and we were absolutely enamored by her intellect, wit, and deep understanding of beauty today.

Autumn has worked in the field of women’s magazines for many years. She says she got into the industry to try to make a difference for women – to create a more empowered space and write uplifting, inspiring articles. But when she realized the beauty industry wasn’t going anywhere, she wanted to write about it and help people more critically understand all things “beauty” and what it means.

We highly recommend The Beheld as a source of beautiful, powerful thinking about women’s issues that have been needing such critical thought for many decades.”

Click here to visit The Beheld

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Ragen Chastain is the mythbuster of “fat lazy fatty fat” beliefs.

She’s an incredible dancer whose strength and flexibility outclasses what most thinner people could so. She’s also a choreographer, writer and speaker who consults to corporations about size diversity. Author of Fat: The Owner’s Manual, she’s never afraid to call out bias, abuse, or call out conversations about weight loss disguised as health, and backs it all up with a solid understanding of the always-changing research into the field.

She also co-founded the successful Fit Fatties forum where over 2000 people regularly connect about their fitness goals. Go forth and be inspired.

Click here to visit Dances With Fat


“One of my favorite body image blogs is Jeanette Depatie’s The Fat Chick. I first found Jeanette online when I was living in Texas and I was inspired by her fresh take on fitness and the fun, lightheartedness of her blog (her “Things that weigh more than me” posts are some of my favorites!)

Now, several years later I’ve actually had the chance to become friends with Jeanette and I am still incredibly inspired by her work.

Click here to visit The Fat Chick 


This is one of the blogs at psychcentral, so it’s a professional blog updated several times a week.

Written by psych Margarita Tartakovsky, once you go there you’ll stay for a while, it’s got that much diverse and very readable content.

Most of all, it’s written by someone who understands the ins and outs of body image, and she’s very active in the body image community. Dare you to come away without feeling lighter ūüėČ

Click here to visit Weightless


“Anna Guest-Jelly is a yogini who has expertly¬†adapted¬†traditional yoga moves so that any body can do yoga. Visit, you’ll love it!” Curvy Yoga¬†is for¬†students and teachers of all shapes and sizes who want a body positive practice that supports them in exploring what body acceptance means to them.


Anna has¬†personally struggled with low self-esteem, warped body image & dizzying migraines. She has¬†starved, binged, broken down and¬†wept, and been told she was too fat to do yoga. Her practice of yoga changed her¬†world, rocked her¬†core ‚ÄĒ and has become her¬†life‚Äôs work.

Click here to visit Curvy Yoga



Author, speaker, and teacher, Rosie Molinary empowers women to embrace their authentic selves so they can live their passion and purpose and give their gifts to the world.

Rosie teaches a course in positive body image at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, offers workshops and retreats for women, and speaks on self-acceptance, body image, media literacy, the Latina experience, and social justice around the country.

Click here to visit Rosie Molinary



“Choosing just one body image blog that I love is so, so hard!¬†Margarita Tartakovsky pens Weightless at PsychCentral. ¬† Trust me, you don’t want to just start reading this one now. You want to go all the way back because everything Margarita offers is so rich with bright insight and resourcefulness.

I especially love her Body Image Boosters on Mondays. ¬†They offer great practical tips for giving your body image a lovely boost. ¬†I also love her interviews and her Self-Love series with Mara Glatzel (another gem! In the blogosphere) is really inspiring.”

Click here to visit Weightless 



Anne-Sophie Reinhardt’s mission is to help women break free from emotional eating, constant dieting and body-obsession and instead find peace around food and their bodies in order to fuel their sense of self, creativity, sex-drive, career, productivity and overall effectiveness in their lives.

It is her mission to help you accept yourself wholly, completely and guiltlessly and find your way from merely existing to finally being ALIVE.

She inspires women to see that instead of counting calories, you can be a joy magnet, instead of hating upon your body, you can feel confident in your skin.

Click here to visit Anne-Sophie



Isabelle helps women stop being crazy around food. She was crazy around food for years, until she decided to” stop acting like a crazy person and start acting like a normal person”.

She stopped bingeing on weird food combinations in the middle of the night, quit yoyo dieting, quit fearing food and discovered what she really cared about – and it wasn’t the size of her body!

Click Here to visit Isabelle Foxen Duke



Rachel Cole has spent ten years guiding women to identify, understand and feed their truest hungers ‚Äď at and away from the table. As an eating disorder survivor herself, she writes about how women can live well-fed lives, exploring themes of compassion, embodiment, HAES, self-trust, and how we relate to what we truly hunger for. Her writing is poetic, grounded, wise, and articulate.




Vivienne is a photographer.

But not ‘just’ a photographer. She opens the door to allowing people see themselves with kindness through their cameras. Her “Be Your Own Beloved” course helps people use their cameras as a doorway to self-compassion and healing our relationship to ourselves.

She truly believes the camera can be a new catalyst for healing.




Dr. Deah‚Äôs Body Shop promotes self-acceptance, living a healthy life at the size you are now in THIS moment, resources for treating eating disorders and improving body acceptance, Health at Every Size¬ģ, and fighting size discrimination!

Deah is the author of Dr. Deah’s Calmanac: Your Interactive Monthly Guide for Cultivating a Positive Body Image and co-author of the NAAFA award winning Off-Broadway Play, Leftovers, and its companion DVD/Workbook Set.¬†

An outspoken ‚ÄúNew Yawker,‚ÄĚ Dr. Deah believes that it is everyone‚Äôs responsibility to point out and eliminate size discrimination even when it means battling the mainstream media, and even more challenging…family members!




Lindsey Averill is adjunct instructor in the Women, Gender and Sexuality Department at Florida Atlantic University, where she busts open and enlightens young minds everyday.

She is also a body positive coach and film maker, currently producing and directing a film called Fattitude. This feature-length documentary exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.


– And of course, this blog you’re on is pretty good too – please do read more while you’re here ūüôā


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