2009 Your Year to Shine…

I’m very excited to release a fabulous FREE ebook for all my readers, written by 15 leading experts in the fields of personal development, natural health, and business development.
When we conceived this project, we were concerned about the constant unrelenting negativity in the media about the financial crisis. Which means that negativity is being taken into your workplaces, it’s being discussed around the watercooler, in the cafes, and around family tables.

That’s not to say the current world economic situation isn’t changing and rearranging, and that it isn’t causing some pain, because clearly it is.

And even if everything around you is falling into chaos, there is still something around you that will be working. And if your only source of information is the media, you may well be on your way to losing the ability to see what is working in your life.

So this book is designed to help you keep or build that ability to instead focus on the enormous chunks of life that the media doesn’t rely on for its news fodder.

We begin with, psychologist and healer Christine McMaster reflecting on how to bring the highest energies into your life in 2009, and she gives you great tips to achieve it!

Our Law of Attraction specialist coach Roechelle Williams will help you shift your mind set. Abundance Specialist and Vedic Astrologer Yildiz Sethi discusses karma, emotions, and success. Two specialists in the area of organics and natural products, Ananda Mahony and Dana Steddy will help you keep the everyday taken-for-granted toxins out of your life to improve your and your family’s health. These have traditionally been “women’s work”, and undoubtedly areas of women’s power. Annie Meredith explores many ways of embracing that feminine power as we move into the new feminine energies coming into the planet. Speaking of health, our integrative medicine GP Dzung Price gives fantastic tips to help you not only maintain your health in 2009, but to get younger!

Next we look at your habits particularly smoking, and, yes, we have an expert, Patrick Roberts who knows from personal experience how hard it can be to kick this habit!

Money causes more headaches than anything else, and generates more fear than anything else! We’ve got great information from two financial experts, Roger Morrison and Zoe Staddon, who’re telling a different version of the 60-second money stories in the media, information that we hope will help you feel more balanced and empowered around the ‘crisis’. If it’s difficult to release the fear, we’ve got a specially-written script by EFT expert Sandy Kumskov to help you move through that in super fast time.

Now that we’ve looked at keeping your mindset, your health and your money in good shape, it’s time to turn to how you earn your money. We begin with business coach Malissa Isted, who helps you take a look at how you spend your time and help you become more productive so you can move your business to the next level! One thing everyone needs to move their lives and careers up a notch is leadership ability; Mia Munro gives some great tips on how to improve yours. To help you take your business to new markets, Barnaby De Palma tells you how you can create success online using the best of the new media strategies. And finally, Feng Shui Master Cheryl Byrne has some predictions for 2009, the Year of the Earth Ox.

On top of all that, every one of our experts is offering you an incredible range of FREE bonuses valued at over $1000! So click here to download the ebook (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it), and get ready to make 2009 your shiniest most successful year – so far!

Warm wishes

Sandy Kumskov, who edited this year’s offering.

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